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    Leader of the rebellion in Red Faction

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    Red Faction

    Parker was pulled into the Mars rebellion after making the rash decision to abandon his wealthy parents' plan for his life and board the first Mars-bound shuttle he could find. Lured by the "romantic" nature of the "Red Planet" and the promises of wealth and adventure from the Ultor Mining Corporation, working for Ultor appealed to his desire to break away from the life he was bound to on earth. 
    However, Parker discovers that the mining life is not what he expected.  As soon as the new recruits land, Ultor makes it clear that this a prison camp, complete with beatings and forced labor. With he and his fellow miners on edge, Parker one day witnesses a guard assault and kill an unarmed worker. Parker takes up arms, sparking the rebellion and throwing the mines into chaos.  Joining up with an organized group of rebel miners calling themselves the Red Faction, Parker leads fight against Ultor. 

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

      In Red Faction: Guerrilla (50 years later), the small Martian town where you first start the game is named Parker, after the hero of the first Red Faction. However, it is later learned that Parker is still alive, though a hermit and somewhat eccentric.  Though not mentioned in the main story, Parker's shack can be found if you look hard enough.

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