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Parking is a complicated thing. It requires skill and hand eye coordination. If you do not know your car, you will fail. Parking is usually done in two ways: horizontally and vertically.


Vertical can be done forward or in reverse. First you must drive the car next to the potential parking spot. Now turn into the space but not all the way or you will scrape the car next to the place. Now that you're diagonally positioned next to your space, put your car in reverse and try to align the front or the back of your car with the parking space. Now drive forward or back into the space not to quick or you may bump into something.


Horizontal parking is slightly easier than Vertical. Here, you must fit your car between two cars horizontally. Make sure the car is parallel with the spot and slightly past it. Now reverse your car and drive back until you almost hit the car behind you. Now turn the wheel towards the inside the space and drive forward until you almost hit the car in front of you and turn your wheel back to neutral position and try to park the car in such the way you're not keeping the front and back cars from getting out of their parking spots.


When there is no parking spot in sight and you have to put your car away, go freestyle! Be it in a field or on the sidewalk, feel free to stop your car. But beware, the police does not take illegal parking lightly. You mustn't park in front of gates or in handicapped spaces unless you are yourself or someone you are carrying in the car is handicapped. Also, parking on sidewalks may lead to a fine. Parking can also be a dangerous thing. You may accidentally scratch other cars or accidentally fall into a ditch.


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