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    A side-scrolling shooter very similar to the arcade classic, Defender.

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    A side-scrolling shooter very similar to the arcade classic, Defender. Players progress to the right while fighting several enemies per wave. After the wave is complete there is a boss battle. Players must also refuel periodically by flying into often-challenging "refueling tunnels" without crashing. Parsec also supported the Speech Synthesizer accessory for voice samples.

    Enemy Types

    Swooper: "Swoops" down from the upper-right area of the screen.

    Urbite: Armed with a twin photon cannon. Tracks the player ship's vertical movement. Named after programmer Paul Urbanus.

    Light Triangular Fighters (LTF): Similar to the Swooper, except smaller. It accelerates as it travels across the screen.

    Dramite: Cruiser armed with a single photon cannon. Highly maneuverable and capable of rapid fire. Named after programmer Jim Dramis.

    Saucer: Sneaks up from behind the player. Behavior is based on how many lives the player possesses: with four or more, their behavior is random. With three or fewer, they will start at the top of the screen and move downward.

    Bynite: Similar to Dramites, but shoots clusters of photon missiles.

    Killer Satellite: Appears following the asteroid belt in level four. Uses "surprise attacks" and can "elude the sensing devices of your onboard computer." Appears in random quantities.

    Level Coloration

    The game UI doesn't show any sort of numerical indication of what level a player is on, but the terrain and object color will change at the start of each new level.

    In order, the stage colors are: dark yellow, dark green, dark red, dark blue, magenta, light red, light green, cyan, dark blue, medium red, light blue, medium green, gray, white, and then back to dark yellow.


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