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    25 year old manic and scatter-brained mage and technician. Thinks faster than she talks and is an accomplished spirit contact.

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    Asbel, Sophie, and Richard first meet Pascal napping near Wallbridge as they head to Graysdale to begin the liberation of Windor. She guides them through the ancient Amarcian ruins beneath Wallbridge, where they discover on an ancient computer a hologram of Sophie and the first mentioning of the word "Lambda". It is not until much later, when the party is in Zavhert, that she actually mentions being an Amarcian herself, on account of the others "not asking".

    In Battle

    Pascal utilizes a very unorthodox fighting style; most of her B Artes are restricted in range, whereas her A Artes are mostly long-range from her Shotstaff.

    The basic A Arte attack is a melee swing as a staff, but later attacks are ranged multishots that spread, hit in succession, or come from below forcing the enemy back towards Pascal. B Artes are rarely farther than PBAoE form, but when they do, it's often in a line form with juggle properties. However, there are none of the usual targeted form of casting that most 3D Tales utililze. Topping this off is a solid selection of (surprise!) PBAoE buffs or personal hit shields.

    The main strategy of her combos is to get her enemies back in range for spells after using enough A Artes to get the cast times down.

    Her Blast Calibers are earned from finding Spirits in the world or openning a side quest to create android mimics of other characters.


    Pascal is eccentricity personified. Most activities such as talking, eating, combat, or research is done with a manic fervor. Noticable shortcomings are hygeine and a touching fetish for Sophie.


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