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    Patapon 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Nov 27, 2008

    Patapon 2 is the sequel to the original critically acclaimed real-time musical/rhythm strategy game, Patapon.

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    I will take the drum.
    I will take the drum.

    Patapon 2 continues from where the original left off: the Patapons have completed construction of their boat and they have set sail for new lands. On their journey, the Patapons are attacked by a

    Kraken that easily defeated them and washes them ashore in a strange new land where they meet a new tribe of people called the "Karmen". They must now defeat the Karmen and find out who their real enemy is.


    Patapon 2 is, like its predecessor, a fusion of rhythm and real time strategy games. The player takes the role of the commander of the Patapons on their quest, and controls them with the beats of a drum. A different drum is assigned to each of the face buttons, and a different drum beat will result in different actions. There are beats for marching forward, attacking, defending, moving, and many other battlefield actions. The units will move across a two dimensional plane, where they will encounter treasures, obstacles, and enemies. An example of a beat would be square, square, circle, square (Pata, Pata, Pata, Pon!) which commands units to march forward. The player must input the beats in sync with the rhythm to order the patapon, and make it through each level safely. If the player stops beating the drum, then the patapons will not do anything.

    Protect Hatapon!
    Protect Hatapon!

    If the player successfully enters a number of beats in sync with the rhythm, they will enter fever mode, which grants attack and defense bonuses.

    The game progresses through a variety of missions, accessed from a main hub camp. The player will embark on rescue missions, treasure hunts, and great patapon battles. Players can also revisit completed missions to train for harder challenges. The hub world also allows the player to equip their patapon by buying and crafting new equipment. Spoils can be gathered in each mission, and used to create new and better weapons.

    Character Units

    There are many new characters such as the bird-riding Toripon, Robopon, Mahopon, and Akumapon. Gong also makes a return from the first game.

    • Patapons getting serious - Hatapon - Hatapon proudly carries the flag in battle, rallying the Patapon to fight. If Hatapon goes down, that is game over for you!
    • Yaripon - Yaripons are spear wielding Patapons, which throw their spear at foes. They are the unit the player initially is given control of. They excel in hunting and fishing.
    • Tatepon - An Axe-wielding patapon which will act as a primary melee fighter.
    • Yumipon - Yumipons are the long-range units in the game, wielding a bow and arrow.
    • Dekapon - Big, brutish patapons who carry maces. Very slow, but to tremendous damage.
    • Kibapon - Kibapon are cavalry patapons who ride horses and wield halberds. They are relatively ineffective when not in fever mode.
    • Megapon - Megapons carry around a horn and play music in battle. There tunes take physical form to attack.
    • Toripon - A flying bird unit which throws spears from higher ground and can add more firepower to the patapon ranged units as well as health but is vulnerable to anti-air weapons.
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      Fever!Robopon - A brawler unit which takes advantage of the "Charge Song" which gives it a rock throwing attack with devastating results and can weild two fists.
    • Mahopon - The Mahopon has different staves which offer different blessings to the group with the godly stave allowing a devastating chain lightning attack on the opponent.
    • Heropon - A hero unit which can adopt the persona of any class of their choice with a powerful special attack to deliver to unsuspecting foes. They also can be revived from any non-fatal 1 hit attacks. "Hero" also has a special mode that can only be activated in fever mode. This special effect shows a spirit above him and allows him to have critical affect on opponent.


    Patapon 2 will have a 4 Player (ad-hoc/game sharing) multiplayer mode in which the player must capture an egg and simultaneously create a beat in rhythm to crack the egg.

    System Requirements

    Patapon 2 requires firmware 5.03.


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