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    Patapon 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Nov 27, 2008

    Patapon 2 is the sequel to the original critically acclaimed real-time musical/rhythm strategy game, Patapon.

    demoninu's Patapon 2 (PlayStation Portable) review

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    This game was downright amazing. Patapon 2 managed to adress all of the complaints that I had with the first Patapon.
    New units, New classes, Better replayabilty, and so on. Mostly its the catchy tunes and loveable characters. Highly recommend to anyone whos psp is lonely and sad. This game will give your psp new life.

    Other reviews for Patapon 2 (PlayStation Portable)

      Quirky Fun with a Dash of Deja Vu 0

      Last year, Sony introduced the world to the first real time strategy rhythm game with Patapon for the PSP. Its unique art style and addictive gameplay made it an instant stand out classic on the system. Now, Sony is looking to recapture the magic with the download-only sequel aptly titled Patapon 2. Does this title stack up to its quirky predecessor? The answer is “yes“, but almost to a fault. Hardcore fans will appreciate the slight improvements to the overall experience, but some lingering iss...

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      Tribal refinement 0

      Patapon 2 does what a sequel ought, providing new missions, unit classes, enemies and minigames while revising the aspects of the game that didn't work so well in the original.  The adorable art and catchy music remain the same and work just as well as they ever did, and with the improvements rounding out some of the earlier rough edges, Patapon 2 becomes a more appealing package overall.The creation (and now evolution) of your Patapon soldiers is now much easier and less hidden by trial and err...

      1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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