Patapon 3

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Apr 12, 2011

    Lead your Patapon to glory as a mighty hero in the third entry in this bizarre rhythm/strategy mashup series.

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    • Explore vast levels and face massive monsters as you help the Patapons in their brave rescue mission.
    • Over 100 quests to complete across a vast world map featuring dungeons, labyrinths, swamps and volcanoes.
    • New group of Patapon, the superhero Patapon.
    • Eight player battles with your fully  customizable Patapon.
    • Work as a team to meet mission objectives and defeat over 30 boss monsters using the combined skills and weapons of 21 different Patapon types.
    • Play co-operative and competitive quests via Ad Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode including Missile Mission, Obstacle Race Mission and Tower Defense Mission.


    The Patapons return to the bridge built at the end of Patapon 2. There is a box at the end of the bridge. The Patapons unleash several spirits in the box turning all of them to stone except Hatapon. It is now Hatapon's job to rescue all of the other Patapons and restore order.


    Gameplay is almost unchanged from the previous Patapon games, with different face buttons corresponding to a drum beat that gives orders to the Patapons.  The biggest addition is a Superhero Patapon, who is the players avatar, and beats the drums that direct the various Patapons.

    New Features

    • Various multiplayer modes
    • New unit classes
    • An Uberhero unit
    • Djinns replace miracles
    • New and more numerous enemies
    • New equipment and item types
    • Equipment is now received as random drops in treasure chests
    • Units can now be revived after becoming exhausted, rather than dropping their caps
    • The new experience system replaces the Evolution Map
    • "Pata-chat" for multiplayer communication
    • Class skills are not implemented, along with skills to add various powers to attacks
    • More minigames, including races and capture the flag
    • Dungeon stages, as well as the ability to revives units and heros in dungeon stages
    • All bosses now have health bars


    Multiplayer in Patapon 3 is expanded, and included four way battles, along with a co-op system.  Each level is playable in various multiplayer modes, and can include up to 8 players.  Character progression is based on a newly implemented experience system.  Patapon 3 can be accessed over the internet or locally with other PSPs.  Communication in multiplayer is handled through "Pata-Text" chat.


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