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Patches the Hyena is a thief, who, prior to the player character entering the Nexus, pitted Saint Urbain in an inescapable trap with a Black Phantom. He will trick the player with two different traps during the game, in Worlds 2-2 and 4-2. These "traps", however, are often not very detrimental and conclude with the player receiving treasure.


Dark Souls

Patches, known in this game as "Trusty Patches", appears in the Catacombs and the Tomb of Giants to once more try and trick the player before becoming one of the game's many merchants. If you kill him you get 2000 souls, 4 Humanity, and a Crescent Axe.

He hates clerics.

Merchandise (Dark Souls)

Eye of Death (3)3,000
Divine Blessing20,000
Prism Stone10
Humanity (3)10,000
Twin Humanities20,000
Great Heal Excerpt10,000
Crescent Axe10,000
Canvas Talisman1,000
Thorolund Talisman5,000
Mask of the Father8,000
Mask of the Mother8,000
Mask of the Child8,000
Cleric Helm5,000
Cleric Armor7,000
Cleric Gauntlets5,000
Cleric Leggings5,000

Dark Souls III

Patches, known here as "Unbreakable Patches", only reveals himself in Dark Souls III to the player right as he springs either one of two traps. He will become a merchant if the player chooses to forgive him. He carries with him Siegward's Catarina Armor set.

He is friends with Greirat, and will set off to rescue his fellow thief when informed of the latter's disappearance.

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