Anyone playing this weekend?

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#2 Posted by Pop (2718 posts) -

I played just a little bit, cause I forgot about it but I looked at the passive skill tree and it blew my mind.

Marauder passive skill tree
Marauder passive skill tree
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#3 Posted by envane (1234 posts) -

yeah the sphere grid is prettttty insane .. i stopped playing the beta though to give myself some breathing room for d3

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#4 Posted by shikon (229 posts) -

i got in closed beta 3 hours before the free weekend and loving it!

i do hope they get a few more skills tough. i mean the passive tree is pretty impressive. but then there's only maybe 10 skills per stat? seems a bit low compared to the passive tree which is insane.

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Been playing quite a bit end enjoyed it a lot. Got tempted to buy into the beta, so I went and checked their prepurchase stuff. While it's nice that you can buy in for "just" $10 to get access to the beta of a F2P game, the fact that they are even offering some of the bigger packs completely put me off the game. It's just everything I hate about F2P, they are always money-grubbing. I'd much rather pay my $60 and be done with it.

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I played it during the last free weekend they had, but after getting into the torchlight 2 beta and with diablo 3 around the corner I don't really feel like going back to it. It's a fine game, but I didn't find anything particularly exceptional about it to make me want to play it over torchlight 2/d3.

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#7 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I'd say its Diablo 2.5.
Its smooth, it works, it's pretty cool.
Anyone into these type of games should check it out.

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@rebgav: I get that there are insane people out there with too much money. But the fact that they are even encouraging people to spend that sort of money on a game that isn't even out yet says something about how they plan on doing their business.

Also, there's a big difference between kickstarter and pure donations (like this is), accountability. If this company goes under or the game fails miserably, noone's getting their money back. They already got what they payed for.

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Heads up folks. The developers are stress testing their servers again this weekend so it's going to be an open beta until Monday.

If you're interested in this game then now may be a good idea to jump in.

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