Public stress test weekend, great hack n slash!

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This game is having a free weekend so anybody can try it out. It will be free to play upon release, but you can buy yourself into the closed beta.

Played it for a few hours now and I gotta say I'm impressed! At first it might not seem like much but when you start understanding the underlying systems you realize this is a very innovative game for this genre. It kinda borrows the materia linking system from Final Fantasy VII, which is pretty fucking awesome in a hack n slash. There is no "gold" currency. Most standard items are bought with "identify scrolls", but other items are bought with armor/weapon enhancement items. It sounds weird, but it's a really refreshing take on the hack n slash economy.

I might even enjoy this more than the Torchlight 2 beta, which IMO is far superior to D3 as well.

Can't say anything about the endgame, but they're planning on 4 chapters atleast.

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The endgame's in the form of a map room, it sounds pretty sweet. It's explained in detail in a past update on their site.

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