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    Patrick Galloway

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    An investigator of the supernatural, Patrick is called to the Covenant estate by Jeremiah Covenant, and old friend whom he served under during World War 1.

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    Personal history

    Patrick Galloway left Ireland as a young man for mysterious reasons to gallivant and loiter in European centers such as Paris and London.  Eventually he enlisted during the Great War (later known as World War I) and was assigned to a special unit whose assignment was to squelch any superstitions held by local farm boys that made up the fighting ranks. In his tour of duty he became friends with his unit commander, Jeremiah Covenant, who was also from Ireland. 

    On a routine patrol, Patrick's unit was ambushed by an occultist group, known as the Trsanti.  As the unit fought off the unexpected attack Patrick took aim for the the group's shaman leader.  The shaman wielded a green stone and spoke strange incantations.  He struck Patrick with a green bolt of powerful energy just as Patrick fired his revolver.  Patrick awoke in a military hospital learning that he had killed the shaman with that shot, and that Jeremiah Covenant had removed him from the battlefield, effectively saving Patrick's life.  For this, Patrick feels indebted to Jeremiah.  The military unit had moved on and Patrick was alone at the hospital but Jeremiah had left him an unusual gift, the green rock taken from the Trsanti leader, which Patrick would later discover to be a magical crystal called the Gel'Ziabar Stone.
    Patrick Galloway, by his own account, is a man steeped in occult knowledge and after his stint in the military he was often hired to investigate matters relating to superstitions and other phenomena. According to Galloway's journal, he traveled the Orient for sometime after the war and in his travels he met with a seer.  This person told Patrick that he was one of the few that was able to "scrye" or read portions of the past.  Most likely he used the Gel'Ziabar Stone, which enhances the strength of magical spells, in conjunction with his scrying spell, to aid him in superstitious matters on his travels.
    Patrick returns to Ireland after not speaking with Jeremiah for many years.  He receives a letter from Jeremiah that requests Patrick's assistance at the Covenant estate.  Patrick owes Jeremiah his life and so he returns to his homeland to investigate.

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