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    Patrick Klepek

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    Senior reporter at Waypoint, former senior reporter at Kotaku and former news editor at Giant Bomb. He began a career in gaming journalism at fourteen, and once served as a news editor for G4TV. He has been credited in the "special thanks" sections of Guitar Hero II and The Silver Lining.

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    Prior to being a Whiskey Media employee, Patrick Klepek was born and raised in suburban Chicago before going to the University of Illinois where he graduated with a BA in Print Journalism. He has worked at 1UP and MTV Multiplayer Blog as a reporter. He then worked as a freelance journalist at many websites, including Gamasutra, What They Play, and GameSpy. Several months later, he started working at G4 as a News Editor, where he broke the infamous West and Zampella vs. Activision story.


    • Known to ask the introspective question, "What is video games?"
    • Patrick hates spiders, specifically tarantulas.
    • Really likes fart jokes.
    • But is more or less indifferent towards ducks.
    • He came up with the idea for Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong.
    • Once played table tennis with the fictional character of Tony Soprano.
    • He enjoys holding his arms in the air in a successful fashion.
    • Invented aggressive bush jumping.
    • Was once spotted hanging out with Kevin Bacon, making him 0 degrees away from Mr. Bacon.
    • Patrick proposed to his fiancée on-stage at the premiere event for Evil Bong 3-D.
    • Patrick owns a Chihuahua named Pixel. Pixel has been petted by the one Matthew Rorie.
    • His Quick Look debut was in The Fancy Pants Adventures.
    • Does not want a third K in his name, because "3 K's would probably be too much".
    • Favorite game is the original Deus Ex.
    • Patrick HATES crabs, pubic or otherwise.
    • His brother Timmy Klepek is the guitarist of The Audition.
    • He has perfected something called "jukebox trolling".
    • He loves the word vaunt.
    • His parents are named Thomas and Nancy.
    • Lived in Wisconsin when he was young.
    • Once met Damon Lindelof but thought it was Carlton Cuse.
    • According to twitter, EA's own Jeff Green is the father of Patrick.
    • Has an uncanny likeness to the depiction of Mercury within Botticelli's Primavera. If the original model Klepek would be over 500 years old.
    • During the 2011 Whiskey Media Big Live Live Show Live!, Patrick brutally murdered Cool Baby.
    • Played a lot of Mega Man Soccer when he was a kid.
    • Patrick's father was the sales VP for Riddell.
    • Patrick attended college at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    • Patrick's mother developed a crippling Tetris addiction during his younger years. When he and his brother would go to school they would come home to find their GameBoy completely drained of batteries.
    • Nolan North once said he had cold hands.
    • He once called Nolan North an "asshole" to his face and lived to tell the tale.
    • Was jokingly given the nickname of "Trick" by the rest of the Bomb Squad when they were discussing reporters who give themselves nicknames. It has now stuck.
    • Defies the Mid-Western stereotype by not liking Chicago-style hot dogs. He also doesn't like root beer.
    • Has a creepy affection for dinosaurs.
    • Don't call him Pat. Do call him "Tricky" or "Scoops".
    • Uses the phrase "baked in" a lot when describing video games.
    • Has also been known as Patrick "Sexy Time" Klepek.
    • Broke his collarbone after spectacularly flipping off his bike in the wild streets of San Francisco. Rumors of this incident being an Urban Trials Freestyle PR stunt are yet unconfirmed.
    • His undying love for the Jurassic Park film series knows no bounds.
    • On March 14th, 2013, an image of Patrick was featured in an episode of the TV show Archer.
    • He is a Chicago Bears, and a Chicago Bulls fan.
    • Patrick Klepek will now take your calls at Patrick Klepek Will Now Take Your Calls.
    • Patrick is known as patrick klepek on Xbox Live.
    • Has an unfathomable love for Final Fantasy VIII, to much of the community's dismay.
    • Used to run a Weezer fan site titled "Unreleased Weezer for the Masses".
    • Patrick joined the Giantbombcast as of the 04-19-2011 cast, but also appeared as a guest for the first GDC 2011 cast on 03-02-2011.
    • His middle name is "Benjamin."

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