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    Paul Denton

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    Paul Denton is a nano-augmented agent and is the brother of the Deus Ex's main character JC Denton.

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    In Deus Ex

    Paul Denton is the first character the player is introduced to in the game. He is portrayed as working for UNATCO, but it is later revealed that he is a leader of a perceived terrorist group known as the NSF, an organization that JC has been fighting against until this point. He explains that UNATCO is using JC, and that the NSF are rebels, not terrorists.

    When UNATCO becomes aware of Paul's double agent status, they activate his killswitch, causing his body to rapidly deteriorate. The player later finds Paul in an apartment in Hell's Kitchen, where he is weakened and dying due to the killswitch. He tells JC to escape through the window, as UNATCO troops and local police are preparing to raid the building. Paul's fate is entirely dependent on the actions of the player. If the player leaves through the window, UNATCO troops raid the apartment and kill Paul. If the player stands against the troops, it is possible to save Paul. If the latter is achieved, Paul appears later in the game at Tracer Tong's base, and through a holographic telecommunications device in Area 51.

    In DX: Invisible War

    Paul Denton, along with Tracer Tong, founds ApostleCorp in order to find a way to save JC Denton after his imperfect merger with the Helios AI. Paul is knocked unconscious during an experiment, and Alex may choose to either abandon him or save him by administering a perfected nanotech architecture.

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