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    Paul Dini

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    Paul Dini is a writer, character designer, and TV producer.

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    Paul Dini has a long history with the Batman franchise. He made his debut in video games with Batman: Arkham Asylum, which he co-wrote, although he was credited in the Sega CD version of The Adventures of Batman and Robin.
    Dini is best known for his influences in animated cartoons, including "Batman: The Animated Series", "Superman: The Animated Series", "The New Batman/Superman Adventures", "Batman Beyond", "Duck Dodgers", and "Star Wars: Ewoks".
    His scripts include "Krypto the Superdog", "Animaniacs", "Freakazoid", "Jusice League" and "Justice League Unlimited". In 2004, Dini wrote and edited "Lost" on ABC.  Dini's involvement in the video game world is shadowed by his presence in the comic book world, in his involvement with works such as "Madame Mirage", "Countdown", and a permanent writer for DC comics.


    •  Eisner and Harvey Awards  in 1994 for "Mad Love"; an Eisner for Batman Adventures Holiday Special in 1995, a Harvey for Batman: War on Crime in 2000.
      • Dini has won five Emmy awards for his writing on "Tiny Toon Adventures", "Batman: TAS" and "Batman Beyond"
    • He received the Writers' Guild Animation Writing award in 2000 and a second WGA award for dramatic television writing in 2006 as a member of the writing team for "Lost".
    • Dini is also a three time winner of the animation industry's Annie Awards and has won seven comics industry Eisner Awards and three Harvey Awards . Dini has received nominations for the Comics' Buyer's Guide Award for Favorite Writer in 1999 and 2000.
    • In September 2006, Dini was awarded the Dragon Con "Julie Award", bestowed for "universal achievement spanning multiple genres."

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