Pause Ahead

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    A Molyjam inspired platformer from Askiisoft, which seeks to answer the question "What if the pause button was a weapon?"

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    Pause Ahead is a side-scrolling 2D platformer game with an unnamed hero who is attempting to escape a nightmarish dungeon of sawblades and spikes. It was released for free by the developers Askiisoft, and made available on their site and various other browser game sites like Kongegrate.

    In order to make progress in the harder levels, the player needs to take advantage of the pause button, which freezes the player's controls but does not stop their momentum. Instead, the player character will appear to glide endlessly in the direction they were moving, which allows the player to skip over large pits or dangerous moving enemies/hazards, which cease to move when the player pauses. In addition, the player character can't be killed while the game is paused, but will immediately perish if they are occupying the same space as a lethal enemy or trap when the game is resumed.


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