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When the first humans ventured out of the frozen tundra that is Everfrost, they soon encountered the Blackburrow gnolls. The gnolls' high shaman, Opolla, went out to meet the new race of people that were attempting to pass through. The humans were understandably cautious, but one of them, a man named Gynok Moltar, overreacted. Opolla and her tribe had approached the humans peacefully, but Moltar attacked, severing the shaman's hand. She then placed a curse on not just Gynok, but the entire Moltar family forever. Some would say that if it were not for Gynok's senseless attack, the people of Qeynos and the Blackburrow gnolls could have lived in peace on the western coast of Antonica.


Paw of Opolla with Rings
Paw of Opolla with Rings

The story of Opolla and Moltar is still told to this day in many of the pubs and taverns in Qeynos. Specifically, a man by the name Micc Koter is particularly fond of the story. He is a regular in the Fish Ale pub in South Qeynos. For a couple bottles of brandy, he will divulge the location of a man named Caninel in Western Karana who knows more details. For a few gems (moonstone, star rose quartz, bloodstone), Caninel will reveal that there is one member of the Moltar family that still lives. Vin is his name, and he is a homeless man living in the catacombs beneath the city. For a few bottles of khalish and a rat meat pie, he will hand over the severed paw. Or it could be taken by force. The catch is that Opolla had four powerful rings on her paw, and Vin has no idea where they are. And the paw is useless without them. He does mention, however, that his father traveled extensively throughout Odus.

The rings are made of copper, silver, gold, and platinum, respectively, and can be found in multiple ways. The hint about Odus eventually leads to a kerran alchemist named Melixis. She owns three (copper, silver, gold) of the "shiny tings" and will relinquish each of them in return for some extremely rare alchemy supplies found in Guk. The silver ring can alternately be found at the bottom of the lake in the depths of Blackburrow. The platinum ring can only be found by taking it from Gynok Moltar's corpse. Unfortunately, his corpse is up and wandering around as a mummy in Befallen. He can typically be found near the entrance, but isn't always carrying the platinum ring. Sometimes he has one of the other three.

Only by placing all four rings onto the severed paw can one truly wield the power of the Paw of Opolla.


Paw of Opolla Equipped
Paw of Opolla Equipped
  • Magic Item - Lore Item - Placeable
  • Slot: Primary / Secondary
  • AC +5
  • STA +5
  • AGI +9
  • WIS +9
  • CHA -5
  • Mana +5
  • SvD -5
  • Weight: 0.2
  • Size: Small
  • Class: Cleric, Druid, Shaman
  • Race: All

EverQuest II

The Paw of Opolla can be found during the Age of Destiny by completing a lengthy quest that ends in a sepulcher near Windstalker Village in Antonica.


Paw of Opolla (EQ2)
Paw of Opolla (EQ2)
  • Lore - No Trade
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Level 90
  • Slot: Neck
  • +74 STA
  • +74 WIS
  • +7 Crushing
  • +7 Piercing
  • +7 Ranged
  • +7 Slashing
  • +6 Focus
  • +6 Ministration
  • +3 Ordination
  • +4.3% Crit Bonus
  • +2.6% Ability Casting Speed
  • +19% Crit Chance
  • +7.5% Potency

Curse of Opolla

While worn around the neck, the paw drains 5% of the group's health and gives it to the wearer.


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