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Pawarumi is a tribute to the genre which was the first to define what is an action game: shoot’em ups !

Inspired by the classics of the Dreamcast era, the Manufacture 43 team is making bold choices to modernize the genre and pushing it further while staying true to the legacy of games like Ikaruga or Zero Gunner.

Pawarumi is a modern shoot’em up set in a retro futuristic sci-fi pre-Columbian universe. The player will take control of the almighty ship Chukaru and its three unique weapons! Players will have to shoot wisely to either do double damage, heal yourself or charge their Super Attack!


Pawarumi tells the true story of Axo, the woman who betrayed humanity.

On Earth, in another universe, the Spanish invasions that decimated the pre-columbian civilizations never happened. Those civilizations then flourished, evolved exponentially and soon conquered the rest of the world with their technological superiority and their divine powers. Las, not unlike in our world, the omnipotent members of the Council that ruled the world became corrupt and the civilization was being drown into decay.

Then came Axo, pilot of Chukaru, chosen by the gods to bring balance but also driven by anger against the Council for leading the world into chaos.

Pawarumi is her story, her legend. Players will live through her fight and discover the truth behind her actions.


In Pawarumi, players will become master of the Trinity Mechanic. Each facet of the system is triggered simply by shooting with the appropriate weapon on the right type of enemy. It's a bit like a super rock-paper-scissors!

CRUSH to inflict double damage.

BOOST to heal your shield while also making opponents more agressive.

DRAIN to charge Chukaru's Super Attack! It will wipe the screen of most of the opponents. Mastering these three mechanics will be key to success in Pawarumi.


Manufacture 43 is composed of three experienced developers, that have a true passion for games since childhood. They spent most of their careers in different studios in France and in Europe, on AAA games to indies and even more experimental ones.

Through the years, they forged a solid knowledge of game development and decided that it was time to make their own thing.

Let's meet the team !

Charles is one of the two artists on Pawarumi. He is in charge of the artistic direction and he's doing all the special FX as well as bosses design and environments.

Daniel is the coder of Pawarumi. As a long time shoot'em up player he's bringing a lot of ideas on the game design and level design of the game. Pawarumi is not his first try in the genre as he was also coding and designing on Shogun: Rise of the Renegade for mobiles!

Alexandre is the other artist of the game. While being focused on the game environments and enemies, he is also doing game and level design as well as telling the world (meaning Twitter and Reddit) how great Pawarumi is!


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