Heading to PAX solo?

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Hey y'all. I've never been to PAX before, but I'm thinking about booking a trip to Prime for 2012. The only hitch is that I don't have anyone to come with me. Since I'm pretty new to the GB community, I just thought I'd ask--do any of you guys typically come to PAX solo and just hang out with other community members? It would suck to come out and just wander around myself for the whole convention, but I wasn't sure how you all roll when it comes to rookies trying to stick to you like the smelly new kid in class.

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I have not had the pleasure of attending PAX Prime, but I did go to PAX East last year and I am attending again this year (just received my badge today actually)

Last year I went with three friends, and probably seventy-five percent of the time we all split up and hit different events. About the only thing we attended together was the keynote and the Joystiq Blueberry Muffin Top Breakfast.

This year I am attending alone, as no one else could plan ahead and save for the trip apparently. Little flustered about it, but I figure about the only time I would have been with any one going was back at the hotel and the odd event or two. Most of the time we all wandered the floor on our own as we all wanted to see different games.

I would say it is probably a more fun experience with friends around, but there are plenty of meet ups and events, so I would have to say do not let being alone keep you from going. There is so much going on that you probably will not even notice, and I never ran into any one that was not just as hyped as I was to be there. Every one I met at PAX was really nice and if any thing, you are surrounded by thousands of people that all share at least a sliver of common interest. It is exceedingly easy to bump into people in line and make friends, even if only for that event.

GO! It will be a fun time, I am sure when things get a little closer to Prime there will be some posts popping up for people to meet up, make some new Giant Bomb friends!

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There are definitely people planning to meet up with other Giant Bomb members at PAX East this year so I'm sure there'll be people looking to hang out with other members at PAX Prime too.

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I'm a loner from Philly. I'm up for hanging.

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Great! Now I just need to start selling organs to build up a travel and booze fund.

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