Anyone have a link to the PaxPrime Royal Rumble 2014?

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#1 Posted by MakoTitan (1105 posts) -

Thanks duders.

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It should be a part of today's PAX2 twitch archive, but it doesn't seem to be playing. It could have something do with the fact that the channel is still streaming. I was planning to try again once the stream ends.

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#5 Posted by JSwan13 (355 posts) -
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#7 Posted by u2tall (38 posts) -

sweet, thanks!

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#8 Edited by dudeglove (13751 posts) -

Special bonus Dan Ryckert trolling Alex "Spanky" Navarro pre-Rumble vid

Loading Video...

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#9 Posted by colinjw (253 posts) -

@chaser324: Amazing I have been looking forward to this.

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#10 Posted by peritus (1137 posts) -

Thank you!

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#11 Posted by tandar1 (202 posts) -

Dan Ryckert promo video was the best!!!

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Hah, I go type this into google, click on a random link and where do I end up here? Thanks for the links.

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