"Barkerville" Cover I videoed at PAX Prime

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I'm almost finished with my 38-ish minute PAX video. That will be uploaded tomorrow, I hope. I will have to let it upload to Youtube tonight and blog it on the Giant Bomb forums Thursday.

I wanted to post this short video here as well, because I couldn't find a good way to incorporate it into the main video; however, fans of this site and the Simon's Quest videos might want to see what this duo called Super Soul Bros. can do. They played most of the show, and they knew how to get the crowd going.

I have left the video unedited mostly due to my wanting to show how some of the video recording process happens before bringing it into Adobe Premiere. The sound quality is not good, but it's just for fun anyway.

I feel like a paparazzo sometimes, rushing to get the shot, and you can see some of that at the beginning. I heard the song in the distance, and stopped whatever I was doing. I knew I needed to capture it for Giant Bomb. Plus, about the editing, I didn't want to cut away from the playing. They are quite good.

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Wow these guys are pretty good. I just wish they had the totally canon lyrics.

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That's terrific!

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@roars5000: I have started following these guys on twitter and want to try to get to see them live sometime. They also tour with other groups and do jazzy concerts. Sounds like a fun thing to see. I have recorded concert events before and wouldn't mind doing it again, but the audio work is so difficult to turn out OK in those settings.

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