Last-minute Lodging Options for Prime '14?

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#1 Posted by Vorpal (55 posts) -

Long time lurker, first time poster--also a first time PAX attendee. Hooray!

Less hooray: my plans to stay with a friend in Seattle have fallen through and I'm scrambling to figure out what options are still viable with only 2 weeks remaining until the convention. Are there any PAX veterans who have been in this situation before and can offer some suggestions? Are BnB reservations still a possibility (and viable for one person)? I saw a Room Share thread on the Penny Arcade PAX Prime forum--has anyone had luck with that route?

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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#2 Posted by seemah (136 posts) -

I got a last minute room at the New La Hacienda Hotel. Looks like a dive but it was the cheapest I could find and it's a cheap uber taxi ride from te convention center.

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#3 Posted by CatsAkimbo (792 posts) -

There are (as of this posting) a few rooms left at, including some at the Westin, which I stayed at before and is a great one. Keep checking that site. I think it updates whenever someone cancels a room.

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