Looking for PAX Buddies!

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Not sure if this would be an ok place to put this, but here it goes anyways!

I'm going to PAX Prime this year for the first time, and I couldn't be more excited! I've been to PAX East for the past five years, but I've always wanted to check out Prime. Problem is, I'm from the eastern side of the country and I'm going alone. So basically, I was wondering if anyone would want to meet up and hang out at the convention or just have someone to roam the halls with!

I'm already going to the premium members party thing, so any other ideas would be welcome!

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Hey dude, PM me and I'll give you my number. I'm an East Coast transplant (moved to Seattle from Brooklyn last summer), and this is my second Prime. I'm mostly rolling solo, so I'd be happy to meet up, provided you aren't a creep.

I'm also going to the premium party.

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I am going to be rolling PAX solo friday saturday and sunday. Was not premium in time to get into the party friday night, but hopefully the panel on Saturday instead. First PAX, moved to Seattle at the beginning of the year so do know the local area. Hit me up if you want to hang!

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@alexstolar: I'll be there Saturday solo as well DM me your number and I'll hit you up Saturday when I roll in.

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