My first trip to PAX in video form

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Hey everyone!

I don't post here often, but I thought I'd share my PAX videos of the GB crew and other behind the scenes things with some thoughts on my first PAX experience.

So I drove 18 hours to Seattle from Regina, Saskatchewan. It was a long drive, but totally worth it. My main reason for going to PAX was to see the Giant Bomb goings on, but there was so much more cool stuff that I didn't expect. Basically, meeting all the cool people is cool and PAX was one of the best things I've ever gone to, probably because it was condensed into one 3-day period and other trips I've been on had a lot of downtime.

Anyways, on to the videos I snagged along the way:

I didn't get any video of Danny's Hunger Games panel, unfortunately, so things only really popped off with the Giant Bomb panel itself and the coolest shot I got that wasn't already in the official panel video was Dan kicking Alex in the face:

Boy howdy what a moment that was. I could barely comprehend what was happening before my eyes so I felt pretty luck that I actually had the action in frame. This is such a good kick, too. Probably my favourite video is the following:

I guess Jeff wasn't fully sure how the kendo stick felt, even after being hit with it by Alex in their rehearsal of the bit. It's moments like these that make it worth going to PAX in person and just seeing all the weird stuff first hand. Speaking of which:

Who ever thought being in lines could be so exciting. D-Leazy himself came out to get hype before the PAX Rumble only to be interrupted by Dr. Tracksuit. Things went sideways for the good Doctor, though, as D-Leazy got the crowd on his side and chanted him out of the hallway. I was seated halfway back inside the rumble, so I didn't get much you couldn't see in the photos or the video, but after the carnage cleared I was able to get a glimpse of the UnderDraker's day job:

Again, you get to see the goofy underworkings in person. This is the video I feel the weirdest about taking because it is literally just a grown man vacuuming, but the context makes it so much better.

I guess that's all I have this year. I like to keep things concise and not redundant, so most of the other footage is of crowds or just another perspective from the panels. If people want to see more I have more, but it's no big deal.

So in the end, PAX was amazing and being there in person was surprisingly different than just watching it on the computer. I really hope I'm able to snag some PAX East tickets, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I did meet a few fans of Giant Bomb in the lines for the panels and to them I say HI! I hope to meet even more next time.

And if anyone is on the fence about going to PAX you should probably just go if you are able to. What does everyone else think? PAX is kind of the best, right? (I know I'm a little late to the party, but whatever)


P.S. My girlfriend wanted to cosplay at PAX so she dressed up as Link. This was her first time cosplaying ever and it was at a giant expo so I thought I'd try and make a little documentary of it. Here it is, if anyone is interested. It includes a wild Danny sighting!

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Cool, I'll check these out after the Bulls game!

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