PAX Prime 2014 in 100 Words

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Posted by Marino (7539 posts) -
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As always, presented in (mostly) chronological order with little to no explanation or context:

  • Sushi Belt
  • Matt Solie Favors
  • Burger Burger Crab Burger
  • Top Pot Run #1
  • Fippy
  • Long Boxes
  • Beyond Victors
  • Underground Reunion
  • These Sheets Smell Fantastic
  • Indie Cats
  • Crazy Chris
  • Harmonix Doughnut Quicky
  • Pelvic Sorcery
  • Fashionably Late
  • Sector PBR
  • NToV Strats with @laika
  • Photo Day
  • Undefeated at 8-player Gang Beasts
  • Secret Supper
  • What Is Firewatch?
  • Star Wars Confirmed
  • Traitor Drew
  • Russian Bears
  • Singapore Canes
  • Joining #TeamGFB
  • Eat. Sleep. Bop. Repeat.
  • Fruity Fruity
  • Oh, Collusion!
  • Nintendo Delivered Beer
  • Fucking Wyoming!
  • Hard Rock Rooftops
  • Macon with Jake
  • Tolkien with Alexa
  • Swery Salute
  • Muir: "FUCK YOU!"
  • Spinning Selfie
  • Baker Can Talk
  • Smashed by a Kid
  • Expo Nomads
  • Rejects
  • Chinese Traditions
  • Tag Me In
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(I have hundreds of photos as usual, which I will be uploading over the next few days)

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#1 Posted by Fobwashed (2783 posts) -

Please caption every one of them. TY GB. =D

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#2 Posted by code3xbl (50 posts) -

In the words of Dave Lang: Wowowowowowowow!

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#3 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

Troy Baker reference?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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#4 Posted by Hailinel (25785 posts) -

You dissing Wyoming?! :P

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#5 Posted by Slayeric (290 posts) -

"Hard Rock Rooftops"

Hey, I was at this. That was a good party.

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#6 Edited by Marino (7539 posts) -

@yummylee said:

Troy Baker reference?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

He's so dreamy.
He's so dreamy.
@hailinel said:

You dissing Wyoming?! :P

It was my last region in the US to fill in my StreetPass map. Took three years to find one.

@slayeric said:

"Hard Rock Rooftops"

Hey, I was at this. That was a good party.

Yeah! We were on that roof for several hours. When we got up there around 6:30, it was basically empty, but then it was just a cavalcade of recognizable people.

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