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#101 Posted by orly1460 (3 posts) -
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#102 Posted by thegarantine (4 posts) -


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#103 Posted by exhaustedowL (4 posts) -

I'd like to go to this! :)

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#104 Posted by internetpizza (66 posts) -

Yes please!

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#105 Edited by awesomeMONSTAR (10 posts) -

I'd like to go to this party thing! RSVP ME PLS

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#106 Posted by Rorie (5781 posts) -

EVERYONE AFTER THE 100th POST WILL BE ADDED TO THE WAIT LIST! We'll be in touch with people about attending if anyone in the first 100 cancels, so check your email up in Seattle.

We'll lock this at 150. I didn't think it'd fill up this fast!

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#107 Posted by patbaer (193 posts) -

Over the 100th response, so waitlist me I guess?

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#108 Posted by oregonjon (14 posts) -

Count me in as a backup

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#109 Posted by MTSaSquatch (49 posts) -

RSVP waitlist?

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#110 Edited by stopskeletons (8 posts) -

@rorie: RSVP me! I'd really like to go to the party thing!

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#111 Posted by singing_pigs (120 posts) -


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#112 Edited by dekjo (2 posts) -

RSVP for me please!

Edit: or wait list, I guess

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#113 Posted by juiceboxxx (34 posts) -

@rorie: I'm in Seattle I'd love to go.

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#114 Edited by FuriousJodo (195 posts) -


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#115 Edited by Gunrock (155 posts) -


See you at the party Richter!

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#116 Posted by BlessedBullet (12 posts) -


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#117 Posted by theveej (944 posts) -


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#118 Posted by gingerrific (10 posts) -


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#119 Posted by LittleGhostGaming (6 posts) -

RSVP/wait list

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#120 Edited by zoch (5 posts) -


Or wait list as it were

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#122 Posted by mrfluke (6101 posts) -

i want in if possible

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#123 Edited by cdViking (21 posts) -

Would like to go.

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#124 Posted by Ziedrich (2 posts) -


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#125 Edited by Cpt_Rossi (5 posts) -


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#126 Posted by Slax (1120 posts) -

I'll be wait-listed!

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#127 Posted by Pickingwings (185 posts) -

I would like to go if it's still not too late!

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#128 Posted by daedaluss (78 posts) -

I'd like to go!

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#129 Edited by clockworkkeith (2 posts) -

I am super duper down and became a premium member just for this. RSVPlease!

Or waitlist me, you know, whichever :D

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#130 Posted by andthentrumpets (28 posts) -

RSVP for me too!

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#131 Posted by rythious (7 posts) -

It's too late but waitlist me anyway!

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#132 Edited by Kyou (44 posts) -

I'd like to go if I still can

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#133 Posted by masternater27 (944 posts) -

Add me to that waitlist!

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#134 Posted by Fobwashed (2782 posts) -

RSVP. But I'm late -_-;;

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#135 Posted by Rorie (5781 posts) -

OK, gonna lock this up while I get these lists together. I'll unlock it again at some point if we want to add more people to the waitlist.

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#136 Posted by RabidWombat9 (2 posts) -

I'd love to go. RSVP me please.

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#137 Posted by vanorman (21 posts) -

I would like to attend!!

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