Who Will Win the Game Industry Rumble PAX 2014!?

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Posted by Fobwashed (2782 posts) 4 years, 9 months ago

Poll: Who Will Win the Game Industry Rumble PAX 2014!? (1182 votes)

Abbie Heppe - Respawn 2%
Alex Navarro - Giant Bomb 37%
Alex Rubens - Red Bull 1%
Alexa Ray Corriea - Polygon 2%
Bobby Loertscher - Zen Studios 1%
Brad Muir - Double Fine 6%
Casey Lynch - Midnight City 1%
Charlie Chu - Oni Press 1%
Dan Ryckert - Giant Bomb 25%
Dave Lang - Iron Galaxy 9%
David Ellis - 343 Industries 1%
Eric Baudour - Mega64 4%
Eric Neustadter - Microsoft 1%
Greg Millar - IGN 2%
Jeff Gerstmann - Giant Bomb 22%
John Drake - Sony 5%
John Vignocchi - Disney Games 3%
Jon Carnage - Twitch.tv 1%
Kate Welch - ArenaNet 3%
Maya Kramer - The Great White North 2%
Megan Scavio - GDC 1%
Mitch Dyer - IGN 1%
Pat Baer - UCB Theatre 1%
Samantha Kalman - Timbre Interactive 6%
Samit Sarkar - Polygon 1%
Shawn Allen - Nuchallenger 1%
Stepto - Microsoft 1%
Tina Amini - Kotaku 2%
Trin Garritano - Cards Against Humanity 2%
Will Smith - Tested 6%
Zoe Quinn - Cyborgs 7%
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Choose your winners! Vote for as many wrestlers as you'd like but know that the fewer you choose, the better they will look among their competitors! Prior to the Rumble itself, we'll use the poll figures to calculate betting odds! For what? Maybe nothing! For fun! =D

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@larmer said:

@bacongames said:

@corruptedevil said:

John Drake is my man (also I highly doubt Zoe Quinn will be there due to the current shitstorm)

Her twitter feed is a testament to her strength and willingness to put up with something that she or any nice person should never have to. She'll be there, because fuck if she's going to miss an opportunity to be with her friends and make a difference, however small, by speaking about her experiences on a stage like PAX. There's not an ounce of doubt in my mind about that.

Well she wasn't there, so maybe that strength you speak of was lacking.

So no one misunderstands, she did go to PAX and was even on a panel. She just had to cancel on being part of the Game Industry Rumble.



I'm just a rebel like that.

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#203 Posted by gamingmichael (127 posts) -

Stepto no longer works for Microsoft, so it was a bit ironic for him to be announced that way. I suppose it was somewhat bittersweet for him to be associated with his former employer.

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Will there be video footage of this put up somewhere?

Also is there footage from the previous one?!?!

I want to see!!!

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