1200+ Photos from PAX West 2019

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Hey, y'all.

C'mon 'n ride it.
C'mon 'n ride it.

I'm back again with a slew of photos from the show. If you haven't seen this before, I've been "photo documenting" PAX since 2008. And I was doing this before PAX for eight years from E3 1999 to E3 2006. After each trip, I upload all of my photos here on GB.

My general goal is to photograph practically every booth as well as every area of the show. The entirety of the Expo Hall, the new tabletop areas at the Hyatt Regency, the Annex (classic arcade, classic console, BYOC, etc), and more are all captured here. So, if you missed anything or if you weren't there and just want to see what it was like...I got you.

I also have photos from six different panels from the front row. Some of them (like GB) include photos from before the doors opened.

Also, I've organized the photos into folders of each booth/area for your convenience.

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Expo Hall Preview

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1200? Couldn't get any more? Lazy.

(great job as always :P)

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#3 Posted by Marino (7563 posts) -

1200? Couldn't get any more? Lazy.

(great job as always :P)

The lack of a traditional wrestling panel cut the total down by at least a couple hundred.

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amazing man. ive never been to any convention before, but it looks like a ton of fun. Im glad they showcased the grand illusions youtube channel on 404ing it. the most interesting,boring,not being able to look away from the screen videos ive ever watched.

If anyone is in to toys, illusions, gag gifts. this channel is for you.

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So many photos I think it breaks the server or something when I slideshow through them; Have to wait upwards of 10-15 seconds before they are loaded, thumbnails are OK but loading any of the full images takes quite some time.

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