Anyone still playing?

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Are any duders still playing this? Finally got a competent PC to run games and had this on my radar back when it came out. Is the community as a whole still active or has it phased out?

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I have friends that play this game. I think you shouldn't have too much trouble finding matches, although I think you'd be lucky at this point to find someone who doesn't know every heist variation pretty well by now.

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According to this site the community is still pretty active.

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I JUST deleted this off my PS3's hard drive. It looks and plays like complete shit.

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I sure as hell ain't. Man, such a disappointment...

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Yep jumped back into this game and am having a ball with it. I've played both the ps3 and pc version of this game recently and by far PC is where to be since it has all the latest updates and dlc. I'm actually quite surprised they've added a new difficulty setting to the game (Death Wish) and newer enemy types (cloaker) since I last played a few months back. One thing I'd probably like to see is a bigger payday whether be in points or money by stealthing missions. Reading through the newest steam achievements it seems like they're trying to give a bigger emphasis on surviving the waves of enemies on harder difficulties rather than sneaking and not get caught (the perfect heist). I read in one of the newer developer blog posts on steam they were going to be adding some more updates to improve the stealth of the game on the harder difficulties. The community for payday 2 is pretty sizable and probably got an increase with the latest update / sale that occurred two weekends ago. I've never had trouble starting up a game or finding people to play with.

@the_drizzle If you're looking for another duder to play with my steam ID is the same on here.

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I JUST deleted this off my PS3's hard drive. It looks and plays like complete shit.

It's very much a PC game, plays great there.

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@korwin said:

@awesomeusername said:

I JUST deleted this off my PS3's hard drive. It looks and plays like complete shit.

It's very much a PC game, plays great there.

Sad but true, this game is terrible on ps3 cause almost nobody uses their headsets or communication device to communicate. At most the missions just devolve into protect this area till the van arrives type deal. I've never successfully stealthed a mission with others on the ps3.

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Still play it multiple times a week.

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If anybody has any thoughts of playing Payday 2 it's currently free over the weekend on steam. The latest Election Day Update patch corrects some of the wonkiness that occurs with the stealth mechanics. So far from what I've seen it now allows you to purchase more body bags as an asset, giving you the ability to dispose of more dead bodies that might be out in the open where civilians might see it. You can also move hostages out of the open and into a more secure location preventing them to be in the crossfire with the police or away from doors where they can be easily rescued. They've given everybody the smooth talker ability and the ability to answer 4 pagers which will lessen the randomness of getting caught on pagers / phones by the operators. Last big edition has got to be the spotter tech ability which replace the smooth talker one. This ability gives players the ability to see every guard highlight for a certain amount of time which can kinda give you a head count of how many guards you should be avoiding. The election mission in itself is more on the lines with all other find the item and hunker down till assault is over missions. To be honest It seems reasonably fun if you try and stealth it if you have that type of patience and are probably decently leveled. Stealth isn't always the greatest in the game but glad to see they are making it a bigger emphasis with this patch compared to the last one.

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Love this game, playing it weekly on PC

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Haven't played it for a couple months now. Last I heard, they made some controversial changes to how stealth works and the Ghost perks. Haven't tried the Election Day, Shadow Raid, and Big Bank heists because I can't be arsed to learn the new stealth changes. Also I probably won't be touching the game until all the DLC is on sale. I bought the LMG gun update when it came out. Not worth the full price. So until they slash prices on all their Gage weapon packs by like 75%, I probably won't be playing it any time soon.

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Play it all the time on PC. Awesome game, I can always find matches.

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