Payday 2

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Aug 13, 2013

    Team up with three other masked heisters and take on a new epic crime spree in the sequel to Overkill's original crime-themed first-person shooter.

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    Get in, get out, and get paid. 1

    The idea for Payday2 is you and three of your friends are trying to perform the perfect heist and the keyword here is “trying”. Overkill has taken a page out of valves left 4 dead franchise by making a co-op shooter, but instead of facing zombies you’re taking on beat cops and S.W.A.T. teams. The plot of the game is a simple one. You are a part of a underground criminal network called “Crime net” that hires you and your crew to do jobs for shady politicians and mob bosses so they can get the up...

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    Robbing banks, jewelry stores and dealers of contraband is great while the men in blue are away 0

    A good variety of heists that can be tackled in different ways, along with a slick presentation make the idea of more heist games exciting. As it stands though, PAYDAY 2 is mostly just a really well constructed cooperative first person shooter. That you can love it when a plan comes together is more of a bonus.Even though it can be played alone, it isn’t meant to be. The friendly A.I. is quick to revive you and can be quite the bullet sponge, but it can’t interact the way another player can. For...

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    Payday 2, Xbox 360 Review. 0

    There's an idea, right? It's the idea of bank robbery. It's attached to Payday 2, and anyone who hasn't played it believes it's simply a bank robbery game. In some ways, the idea is correct.. but in other ways.. well.. it has a way of surprising you. When you're in the back of a freezing meat truck with 6 bags of cocaine in front of you, speeding down a road as you and your friends frantically try and grab as many bags as possible before coming to a stop at the police block you aren't thinking "...

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    Payday 2 Review: Making Bank 0

    Murphy's Law eloquently teaches, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." And with the don of a mask, the flick of a safety, the sound of a shot, no game demonstrates that sad truth better than Payday: The Heist’s sequel. Too often a pedestrian compromised my team’s jewelry store stickup by phoning in the disturbance, or an unnoticed security camera captured our bank break-in for the entire evening news. An unconscious bodyguard’s pager also ended several home invasions early, just like mixi...

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    Great game 0

    I've been playing this game for a while.Soundtrack 10/10 - Makes you feel like you're in a heist movie during the whole mission, precise transitions between themes. Makes you feel the tension, action & thrill at every moment.Overall Graphics Design 10/10 - Models & textures quality is exquisite.Ergonomic Gameplay Design 10/10 - You can learn it really fast.During the time I've been playing I've founf only one bug so far: I hit a frame on the wall while I ducked under it and I got stuck x...

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