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Cash Money! 0

It’s easy to look at Payday: The Heist and pick-up all of its obvious stylistic comparisons to the 1995 classic film Heat. Lines of dialogue, to the fast rhythmic drums that overlay each heist are so similar to the film that Michael Mann could sue if he really wanted to. But I would argue that if you’re looking for some sort of inspiration for your heist game, then choosing one of the greatest heist films of all time is definitely a great place to start. And count me in. It would certainly help ...

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PAYDAY: The Heist Review (Death's Door Review) 0

The idea of this game is actually a pretty cool one: Take the Left 4 Dead style of gameplay (i.e., four player co-op FPS) and put it into a bank robber aesthetic. It has that really nostalgic built in appeal of playing Cops and Robbers when you were younger. Unfortunately, the game itself is not that great.As I said above, PAYDAY is a co-op focused four player multiplayer shooter. During the six different heists you have to pull off with your team, you will play as one of four guys: Dallas (Amer...

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We do this job together or not at all 0

Payday: The Heist is a very interesting game.  It is practically a modded Left 4 Dead, sub in cops for zombies and add a few boatloads of cash plus some fine clown masks and you now have Payday: The Heist.  Just as Left 4 Dead, Payday is created for a multiplayer  experience, under NO circumstance should you buy this game thinking you will be playing alone.  Single player, this game is 2 stars, with even one friend raises that rating substantially.  I should also note there is no split screen co...

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Lets Go Robbin' 0

This game makes you want to become a bank robber; not a quote that the Daily Mail may appreciate, but a truism for Payday: The Heist. Payday is a four-player online shooter, in the mould of Left 4 Dead, with police and SWAT replacing the zombies, and special SWAT replacing special zombies. The basic premise is that the players, instead of fighting their way to a safe room, pull off a number of varied heists, each with it's own personalities, but all with the same basic purpose. You want money, t...

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Get Paid! 0

Payday the Heist developed by Overkill Software and released in 2011 is a coop based first person shooter falling in the same same sub genre as Left For Dead. Payday essentially takes the gameplay elements from Left Four Dead and instead of a zombie setting, the game has a crime mob atmosphere.The gameplay in Payday isn't as fluid as Left For Dead. Payday isn't a melee based game and most of the time will be spent shooting waves of cops and swat teams with very limited weapons. The core shooting...

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