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In this game mode, both teams are given a cart that has a bomb inside of it. The goal is to be the first team to get their bomb cart to the other team's base, and onto their capture point before the other. The maps are completely symmetrical, and the tracks cross over at one point in every stage. In order to win, your team will not only need to push their own cart, but also prevent the other team from doing so. You will want some of your teammates to advance the cart, while others stay behind to defend your base from the enemy's incoming cart.
 There are a few differences between the Payload and Payload Race game modes, such as:
  • Each team has their own cart, not just BLU team.
  • There is no round time limit.
  • If one team stops pushing their cart for an extended amount of time, it will not roll backwards.
  • The teams do not switch at the end of a round.

There are currently only two official Payload Race maps released by Valve: Pipeline and Hightower

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