A good stand-alone network card?

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Short version: I need a PCI network card, and would like your recommendations

Long version: I recently built a PC w/ Win7 (after a year or two of randomly accumulating parts when I had some extra cash) and spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out why it was bluescreening randomly. I've narrowed it down to, I think, the drivers for my onboard network port (ASRock M3A770DE). While I have the latest drivers from the ASRock site, I still get bluescreens related to network drivers.

In frustration (and well I kinda wanted to dick around with it anyway) I installed Ubuntu using their windows installer, and popped it in alongside my windows install. It's been trucking along for ~3 days now so I don't think my hardware is to blame for my windows troubles (before this I wondered about possibly a defective power supply).

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Sounds like some kind of conflict with another system device, wouldn't be the first time I've heard of that involving an on board NIC. As far as add in cards go... I haven't looked at those in about a decade for a home PC.

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