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So I am building a PC for the first time. My goal is to be able to play current games and continue to play current games for at least a couple of years. I also want to try and keep it somewhat affordable. The thing I need help with then is picking what video card to buy. The price difference between a 1050 and a 1080 is pretty gigantic, so I was wondering if it`s necessary/worth it to go for a high end card or if a card somewhere in the middle can fulfill my purpose just as well.

So my question is what video card you guys would recommend if I want to build an affordable computer that can keep up with current games for at least a couple of years (though I don`t need to play them on the very high settings, just be able to play them and have them look relatively nice)?

Sorry that this post was kind of a mess. I am a real novice when it comes to these kinds of things, but hopefully you guys get what I am asking. Thank you!

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Either a 1060 or 1070. Those are the "sweet spot". However, if you are running at a large resolution (ultra wide or 4k) and/or at a high refresh rate, a 1080 might be best.

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A 1060 will probably do you good at 1080p for a good while, 1070 is a safer bet and can currently do 1440p with a lot of games, a 1080 is for 1440p and ultra wide, and the 1080ti is the closest single card for 4k atm. I think graphics cards are moving on up to 4k as a goal so for 1080p it's becoming pretty affordable. BUT I believe prices are still being gouged right now so it doesn't seem like the best time to be building pc's if on a budget , bitcoin mining and cellphone ram are fucking us over .

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Yeah, either a 6GB 1060 or a 1070

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@odinsmana: It really depends on your resolution and budget. If I were building a computer right now, I wouldn't want anything less than a 1070. That said, I tend to value higher detail settings and better framerates than some people, since that's presumably the reason to play on PC, anyway. Looking at some nice review summary charts (and comparing current price to performance) will help you make that decision.

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I started looking at upgrading my graphics card from a 970 about a month ago, but the prices of 1070s have been inflated due to mining unfortunately. I don't think anyone knows how long this will go on, so I don't know that waiting is the best option. My 970 is a MSI and I like it, but they also seem to be some of the more expensive ones in the 1000 series.

After rereading your post again it sounds like a 1060 would probably work well for you.

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If I were buying now, I wouldn't buy anything lower than a 1070, but it sounds like, for you, you might want to get a 1060 if you don't care about playing on Very High/Ultra and want to keep it affordable. As @djn3811 said, though, most of the current graphics cards (both nVidia and AMD) are super inflated right now due to miners buying up all the supply.

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I had a 1060. At 1080p it handled pretty much everything with medium-high settings and 60fps. Sometimes it'd do 1440p well. I'd go for the best card you can afford if you plan to make it last. That said, if you're really just sticking to 1080p 60fps and don't mind not always have maxed out settings, the 1060 does what it needs to do.

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I have a 980 and am able to run games at 1080/60 with High, sometimes even Ultra, settings. If you're going to game at 1080p then a 1060 6GB should last you a while. If you want something more future proof and have a budget that will allow it, get a 1070 if you can find one for under $400.

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I am currently planning on sticking with 1080p for a while at least, so if a 1060 can run current games on high in 1080/60fps then I think I will go with the 1060. The graphics and performance is part of the reason I am building a PC, but the two biggest reasons are:

1. That most of my friends play on PC and I want to play multiplayer with them

2. Exclusive/better on PC games/genres I like a lot like RTSs and CRPGs. Total Warhammer and Tyranny for example are games I really want to play.

The 1060 seems like it will be fine for both of these purposes.

@djn3811:@oursin_360:@ajamafalous: How big is the inflation in prices? Is it something as extreme as a 50% increase or something like that? If I am paying 30-40$ more I am probably willing to pay that to get it now, but if we are talking like a 100$ savings potential I might wait. Here in Norway it seems like the general price online for a 1060 6GB is the equivalent of around 300$ right now.

By the way. Thanks for all the replies duders! It has really helped me out!

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@odinsmana: If you're happy sticking with 1080 / 60, I'd just get a 1060. I have a 1070 and it would be a bit overkill at this point. I think the price premium for the 6gb model is worth it over the 3gb though.

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It seems like you've reached a conclusion, but putting my two cents into the mix: I'm currently running a 1060 3GB, and it's not bad at all. I built my PC on a budget as well, and don't mind running things on medium-high (which is what my settings for most games are currently). You'd be fine with a 3 GB but I think rolling with a 6 GB will save you a future purchase in the long run.

cRPGs and RTSs aren't too intensive! So if you're looking into buying Divinity: Original Sin or Pillars of Eternity (both fantastic games!), 3 GB will do you just fine. Best of luck shopping; building a PC is a satisfying and fun!

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@odinsmana: i think it varies but a 10606gb is supposed to be like 250$ US and probably should be cheaper by now. And anything under 6gb for modern gaming seems like a bad idea fot any sort of longevity.

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@odinsmana: I don't know a ton about graphics cards and have only started looking after the price increases, but I've been watching the youtube channel Tech Deals and he seems to know what he is talking about. Based on what he has said the 1070 should be down around $350 US, but they seem to be $100+ more than that. I have no idea about the prices in Norway or when the prices might start to drop, so if your looking for a card now and have the money I would think buying now could potentially save you a long wait. I probably would have pulled the trigger on a 1080 due to the smallish price jump from the 1070, but I just started grad school and probably shouldn't be throwing $500+ around like that right now.

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@odinsmana: Because cryptocurrency mining had a boom during the early summer and screwed up the pricing for GPUs across the board, you could do worse than paying $300 for a 6GB 1060 since the better cards (higher core and memory clock speeds and more efficient cooling) in that class were around $280 during the holiday season. Though mining seems to be dying down at the moment which would lead me to assume that prices would go back down again, if you can pick up the Gagibyte GV-N1060G1 GAMING-6GD, MSI's Gaming X card, or the EVGA SSC GAMING ACX 3.0 for $300, I'd go for it.

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Bitcoin is on a downward trend right now. So perhaps that will slow down mining. But if China no longer allows trading, perhaps it will flatten mining, (and as an aside, actually make bitcoin itself interesting again). Might just want to wait a few weeks to buy a card, if you can. But then again, it will probably take a while for better cards for a cheaper price.


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