Amd cpu upgrade for amd fanboys.

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I been looking for a amd cpu upgrade and i fell into the fx crapdozer trap and i really hate i fell for the hype. Well i got me a 1100T and couldnt be happier but these things are sold out everywhere and its harder and harder to find one new for a decent price. Some crazy man has just dropped 2 brand new phenom x6 1100t's on amazon for 200 bones for those of us that love amd and cant go intel right now happy hunting. I wont provide a link since someone always accuses me of running a ad or something. IF im in the Giantbomb BF3 group of course im going to tell everyone its on sale no reason to lock the thread jeeze mods are so sensitive. But for all the amd fanboys brand new 1100T's are up good hunting.

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Update: The guy found out what he had and raised the price to 325 dollars. So that's it i hope you guys were the one that bought 1 before he found out.

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If you have a Microcenter anywhere nearby, you can pick up a 960T w/ the motherboard for $90, and the motherboard allows for core unlocking, so with a little luck and decent cooling, you could end up with a 6-core processor.

They also have some other pretty kickass ongoing AMD bundle deals on the cheap for anyone looking to upgrade.

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