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Hey, I'm Justin from Demiurge Studios and I'd like to extend an offer to everyone in this community to join the beta for our newest game, Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings. You’ll get to be one of the first people to play the game, and you’ll be playing alongside us, the developers at Demiurge.

Arena Kings is set in the same universe as Shoot Many Robots, but this time you’ll be shooting each other in PvP combat arenas. Play Royal Flush, where you’ll have to kill the other kings to steal their crowns and drop them off at the Golden Toilet to score points. More modes, content, and features are continually coming in, too!

It’s still early in development, but with weekly updates that incorporate community feedback, Arena Kings is constantly evolving and we need your support! Sign up for the closed beta (PC/Steam only) HERE - hope to see y'all there shooting me in the face!


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@dcgc said:

Some Steam keys for the Beta of this game:





Just so people know, the bottom three of those are taken (not sure about the first one; I went from the bottom up and finally got an unused on the second from the top).

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