Building first gaming pc, are these good specs?

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Been looking to get into PC gaming for the last few months and spent that time reading up and doing a little bit of homework on the whole situation and finally got to making a list of possible parts and this is a list of what I'm probably going to order, but please, feel free to tell me if I should keep it or swap it out for something better. Also, I'm trying to keep it rather cheap, less than $700.

CPU- Phenom II X4 965

MOBO- Asus M5A97 Evo or GA-970A-D3

GPU- Asus HD 6850 or Sapphire HD 6870, not sure.

Ram- 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws RAM

PSU- OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w

Hard Drive- 1Tb HDD

Disk Drive- Disk Drive

Case- Rosewill Challenger

Not really decided on the Mobo or GPU but both seem to have positive reviews on several websites, so if you have one of them your help is especially helpful. Thanks.

Edit: Swapped Antec BP550 550w for OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w

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I'm no longer good with computer specs, and I doubt to many people here will be able to help you, how ever Hardfourm will be able to help you greatly. It's entire purpose is PC's and PC hardware.

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I'd go with a 650W power supply. 550W seems a little too low for a gaming computer. I would also go with the 6870.

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@believer258: Yeah, I was leaning toward the 6870 myself, I just didn't know if it had anything to offer besides being better than the 6850. And

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I Dont know anything about AMD's.

But just make sure if you need a wireless internet connection you get that too.

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Spring for the latest intel cpu(i.e. i5 2500k) if you can. They outperform AMD. Z77 mobo so you can upgrade later if you want. The key components are the CPU and the graphics card. Buy the best ones you can afford.

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@Dagbiker: Never thought about a wireless card, but I'll look for one. Thanks.

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After a couple posts on HardForum I've decided to dump the AMD setup and go with this Intel setup. Is it worth it? Although I have considered swapping the i5-2300 for a i5-3450, I'm still not sure because as it stands now, it's $15 over budget and if I got the i5-3450 I would lose my combo deal with the MOBO and i5-2300 and jack the price up $30-$40.

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changes i recommend for a new pc especially gaming needs


-----phenom x4 965be stopped production,same with x6 1090t and 1100t.....what you get now is the remaining pieces available on market

the bulldozer FX4100 is a great little cpu....and works well(response vise),and costs same


A.FX4100---4 core----around 130$ here(INDIA)

B.FX8120--6 core-----around 170$ here

C.FX8150--8 core-----around 210$ here

this cpus have compatibility with your selected board and a 550w s enough


---1TB is ok make sure you select,with these specs

make--seagate/western digital

data rate--6.0gbps



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updated prices

FX8120--6 core-----around 160$ here

FX8150--8 core-----around 180$ here


INTEL I53450------194$

i would chose an FX8150 if you were paying extra for an i5 3450

an 8 core is an 8 core and worth it

---better than a Booosted 4 core

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It's pretty good, but you're gonna need to upgrade every once in a while. I've got the same specs except for the GPU (I have a GTX 550 Ti) and the PSU (700W, for overclocking). I can run almost everything on medium to high settings smoothly.

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Update: Ended up with a pretty good set up with this. Runs most games very well and I am pleased with it.

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i could understand you going towards a small cabinet to save cash

its ok


1.RAM-I personally dont prefer value-rams for gaming systems

get instead CORSAIR ddr3-xms3-profile ram 4gb

or CORSAIR dominator 4gb

8gb value ram=4gb power ram

2.HDD-that 3.0gbps hdd is gonna pull you back...

get instaed SEAGATE/WESTERN DIGITAL 6.0gbps and 64MB buffer 7200RPM drive

3.POWER SUPPLY-the gpu you are buying needs atleast 450w power and when added cpu TDP,you are in short of power...RESULT--system wont be stable and restart frequently

get a power supply COOLERMASTER/CORSAIR/OCZ only......minimum 550w for this setup...i recommend a 600W supply

4.see the motherboard---i hated biostar from DAY-1 asus and asROCK are far better and value for money spent

with your selected configuration,you will get a PC..but not aGAMING pcas you TOLD

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