Building my first gaming pc, which pc exclusives should I play first?

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There are like 58.964 billion exclusive PC games.

Anyway, the ones I've played most recently are Civilization VI and Prison Architect.

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I realize this haha ive just always been a console gamer and was looking for suggestions.

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Curse of Monkey Island.

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This really depends on what kind of games you would like to play. Do you have anything in mind?

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Frog Fractions and TIE Fighter

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Gimme a 'C', gimme an 'R', gimme a 'Y' ...

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E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, System Shock 2, The Witcher 1, Freelancer, and Shadow Warrior (not to be confused with the 2013 remake of the same name).

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oh boy, when I became a Pc child, I played the first call of duty and its expansion, BF2, cs condition zero!!! For sure check out Half life and its expansions, as well as HL2 if you have not done so yet.

Company of heroes is still dope, Age of Empires 2/3, the ARMA series if thats your thing (took me like 6 years to learn the controls so not for everyone) Red Orchestra/ Rising Storm / Squad.

Not to mention damn near all the console games are found here too but the proper way they should be enjoyed, with the bells and whistles enabled.

Good to have you here, PC! Praise Gaben!

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Factorio, Europa Universalis 4, Civilization VI, World of Warcraft

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Conan Exiles / Ark Survival Evolved / Astroneer / Planet Coaster / Civilization 6 / Gang Beasts / Tower Unite / Anno 2205 / Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars / Devil Daggers / Craft the World / Endless Space 1 or 2 / Total War: Warhammer / Overwatch / Oxenfree / Planetary Annihilation / City Skylines / Cities XXL / Stellaris / Star Point Gemeni: Warlords / Star Trek Online / EvE-Online / World Of Warships / World Of Tanks / Subnautica / Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance / Stranded Deep / The Forest / Project Cars / Star Citizen / X-Rebirth / X-3 Reunion / Sins of a Solar Empire. As far as I know all those titles are exclusives. And for your more traditional cross platform games, well, their pretty much all on PC, here:

Mass Effect series / Gears of War / Mafia III / Grand Theft Auto V / Battlefield 1, 3 or 4 / Diablo III + expansions / Fifa / Assassins Creed / No Man's Sky (yes its the superior version with mods and yes I like it) / Star Wars Battlefront / Tom Clancy's The Division / Ghost Recon Wildlands / Far Cry 3 / Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal / DOOM / Call of Duty / Helldivers / Worms / The Golf Club / Minecraft / Unreal Tournament / Dragon Age / The Witcher 3 / Angry Birds / Everybodys gone to the rapture / Rocket League / Mad Max / Skyrim / Terraria / Wolfenstien: Old Blood / Gauntlet / Alan Wake / Abzu / Alien Isolation / Bioshock / Deux Ex / Forza / Firewatch / Fallout 4 / Titan Fall / Rise of the Tomb Raider / Quantum Break.

That should be well enough to get your started.

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