Can I run these things with no graphics card?

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Hello! So I don't have a graphics card right now and still want to play some games! I have an Intel i5 6600 and 16 gb of DDR4 ram. What are some games I could actually run? Most games under minimum requirements say I need a GPU but on my old Chromebook with linux I can play things like civ 5 and thats with a 1/4 the ram and a almost non existent CPU. So out of the list of games I am about to list could I play them on decent qualities? Apologies about formatting errors I am on my phone and typing this in a rush. Thanks!

Civ 5 and if possible Civ 6, Skyrim (probably a reach I know), GTA 4, Star Wars Battlefront 2, LoL, Halo Wars Definitve edition

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Civ 5, probably. Things like Minecraft, Terraria, etc that are more CPU than GPU intensive would work fine. Skyrim would probably not run well even at low settings, but you could try.

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Best guesses? In order:

Yes, no, no, no, yes, yes, no.

You could always check for a quick view at the minimum recommended requirements for any game, or to see how your computer stacks up against them.

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Intel I5 6600 has Intel HD 530 as integrated GPU. According to this, it should be able to run Bioshock infinite on the lowest settings at 55 fps. You could search around for which games other people play or benchmark with the HD 530 GPU. Seems like League of Legends can be played at max settings with 60 fps. Found a Civ 6 vid where it was running slightly above 30 fps at the start of a game.

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Your CPU and RAM are more than enough for games - it's the integrated GPU on that CPU that will kill anything intensive you try to play.

Older games should work fine. The most popular multiplayer games should work - Dota 2, CS GO, Team Fortress 2, that sort of thing.

Pillars of Eternity should work, if you're looking for something single player and with plenty of depth.

Out of what you've listed:

I wouldn't count on Civ VI, Skyrim, or GTA IV working. Civ V, Battlefront 2, and League will work. I don't know about Halo Wars.

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Depends a bit on the integrated chipset, I've never had any issues with integrated Radeon chipsets, for about three years back in 2010-2013 I played all my games exclusively on a Radeon HD4200. Back then Intel GMA had a really bad reputation, but they seem to have catched up in recent years.

Skyrim will definitely run on a modern integrated chipset, since it ran without issues on mine 5 years ago.

I've never seen a PC that can run GTA IV well, because that PC port is by all accounts total garbage.

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You have probably googled it yourself by now, but seems most those games will be playable just don't expect to play at high resolution and framerate. Seems the new version of skyrim glitches out on it, but still runs. With steam refund you could probably try them all and see if they run or not.

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At 720p and low settings most pf those should work. My surface pro 3 could run stuff like civ and Fallout just fine.

GTA IV is going to be based mostly on random luck. Its a shit port.

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