can my laptop run swtor well?

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#1 Posted by thevariant2012 (7 posts) - thanks in advance! just got this laptop for Minecraft and as a cheap replacement for everyday use, but its what I was recommended by various sources... also, is there a need to update/grade my RAM? new to the pc aide of things

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#2 Posted by Kidavenger (4168 posts) -

I don't know a huge amount about mobile cpu's, but the game recommends 2.0ghz processor at a bare minimum, and your laptop has a 1.5ghz processor, It may work but I seriously doubt it would be playable.

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#3 Posted by thevariant2012 (7 posts) -

isn't that mased on a dual core though, does it being a quad make a difference?

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#4 Posted by thevariant2012 (7 posts) -

meant to say based? whenever i look at "system requirements" is always makes a point to say minimun is with a single core or whatnot. sorry, like i said know very little about this stuff. thanks again

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#5 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

One of the product reviewers on newegg claims to have overclocked the CPU to 2.4GHz. So if you feel like learning about overclocking, you've got the potential to maybe run SWTOR.

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#6 Posted by AlisterCat (7366 posts) -

@thevariant2012: A core processes 'threads'. Lets say they threads are made by the programs you run. More cores means you can process more threads at a time. Most programs only use one thread though a lot of modern software is starting to take advantage of multiple threads.

A CPUs clock speed (the Ghz) tells you how fast the core can process that thread, put very simply. Some manufacturers and people will advertise a dual core 2ghz CPU as 4Ghz but that isn't how it works at all. You still need your processor to be fast. More cores just lets you do more stuff at the same time.

I hope I didn't put that too simply as to patronise you.

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#7 Posted by Cameron (865 posts) -

I'd worry more about the GPU since it's integrated. Check out ( for an idea of how that card does with modern games including SWTOR. It looks like you should be able to run it at low settings with a mediocre framerate.

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#8 Posted by Brodehouse (10827 posts) -

SWTOR is really heavy on the video card more than processor or RAM.

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#9 Posted by thevariant2012 (7 posts) -

this video is throwing me off: worried about if it is reliable :/ thanks, i have asked all this of gamefaqs with no help.

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#10 Posted by thevariant2012 (7 posts) -

also, does anyone know if the turbocore kicks in automatically?

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