Does anyone still buy PC Magazines?

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just curious because since I've had the internet over the past decade n a half, I haven't bought any PC mags at all, because of sites like Giantbomb and Gamespot, there is almost next to no need for me to go out and buy one, because they are released on a monthly basis, all the info in the mags are old news. I walked into hastings store the other week and I couldn't even find a PC Gamer magazine anymore, which got me thinking about this. I can remember when I was younger and just simply couldn't wait to get my hands on a PC Mag to see all the awesome stuff they used to have in them, and then the cover disc that came free with the mags as well, couldn't wait for all the awesome demos that might be on them!! These days you can find news as quick as a few hours and just download all the demos you want, got places like youtube and gaintbomb/gamespot for all the videos you'll ever want to see on games.

So, does anyone really buy PC Magazines anymore? I'm sure there are a few mags that will still be useful, I used to get PC Format to get some info old new software like the latest Adobe stuff, and I can still see articles on that sort of stuff still relevant for mags still...............

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I had resubscribed to PC Gamer a while ago. Then I decided to try their digital version. Once I found out that the digital version I got didn't include a beta key for Planetside 2 that the physical version did (even though I payed the same price), I quit magazines for good.

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#3 Posted by AlexW00d (7490 posts) -

I still buy the occasional PC Gamer, but I read all their stuff through RSS anyway, so there's kind of no need.

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I buy them, usually PC Gamer UK and Edge, since they both have more content than the US gaming mags. I take them to the gym for when I do cardio since it makes the time go faster when I read

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#5 Posted by Nictel (2696 posts) -

The only magazine at all that I sometimes read is Wired. I stopped reading game magazines when everything I read I already knew from sources on the internet.

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I'm still subbed to PC Gamer UK because the process to cancel it is so fucking complicated I can't be bothered to do it.

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lol @ popcorn. yup know what you mean! but then thats how they like it, so they can still grab moneys off ya :D

I think the Internet pretty much killed the PC magazine market completely, its instant news, not on a once-a-month basis and by the time the mags out, its already old news anyway.

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...what the hell is a "magazine" ????

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In other industries, print may not be dead (Such as film and what not), but when it comes to any sort of tech really, a lot of people like posting that information online, which makes it instantly available. Also more times than not, it's free.

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I subscribed to PC gamer up until a few years ago, one month they stopped sending it to me, after the second month I called them to find out what was going on and the girl told me they received notice that I had moved, I explained that I hadn't and she told me that they weren't going to send me the magazine anymore...

I don't read magazines at all anymore, in the 90's I was probably spending $30-40 a month on them, pc gamer, play, CMJ, computer gaming world, wizard, car and driver, etc.

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i just used to steal the free demo disks off the front of magazines anyhow. that all i was bothered about.

the disks were free anyway...

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#12 Posted by kristof- (75 posts) -

Yep, still have a PC gamer and Edge subscription:)

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