Does the 360 chatpad work as a keyboard?

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Like a lot of people I play PC games through my TV with a 360 pad. However whenever there is any kind of in-game chat I have to grab my wireless keyboard, the problem being where I sit is just barely within range so I tend to miss out letters. This leaves my responses looking like I had a fit at my keyboard.

I want to know if the 360's chat pad attachment will work as a secondary keyboard and allow me to chat to other players without putting down the pad?

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@giromindtricks: Just tested with DiRT 3 and even the Games for Windows Live interface in that, chat pad does not work with PC at all.

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I think there was once a mod project to get it to work on PC. But you had to wade like three layers deep into the darkest bowels of your registry, plant a totem, sacrifice a loved one and that was just too much hassle for some half-assed support for that thing.

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That's a shame. Guess I need a better wireless keyboard or choose a way of ignorance.

Thanks for the help anyway duders.

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