Don't want to build a new gaming rig where should I go?

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I've been planning on upgrading my PC for a long time now and finally, thanks go my tax refund, I have enough money to pull the trigger. I've built PC's in the past but I'd rather buy something pre-built. A friend bought a PC from ibuypower but had a bad experience with them. What's another good place I can go to buy a gaming pc or is ibuypower actually alright?

Thanks dudes!

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Because you didn't post where you were from I will assume you are from the same country as me 'cause ignorance.

These guys are cool, configure your shit n stuff.

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don't know what your price range is but i bought one last summer from and it's worked out great for me.

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I don't know if there's a similar site wherever you are but ncix is pretty good in Canada. They have some per-configured rigs but you can also pick whatever parts you want and they'll build it for you for $50.

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All computer manufacturers (especially popular ones) have reports of bad experiences.

I bought my most recent computer from I haven't had any problems with it; 2 years and counting.

It's really up to you, though. The best thing, usually, is to find the place with the best current prices for what you want to get.

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@cheishxc: I have a ALIENWARE X51 its a small form factor gaming PC, no bigger then the new XBOX ONE , slightly bigger than the launch Xbox 360, it has a i7 3770 16 GB ram a EVGA GTX 670 Bluray Reader/writer and its great, and this rig is only about 100-150$ more expensive then if you built it, which is not a lot in my opinion.

Alienware has a great community that helps each other when there is a problem, ask real owners of Alienware not people who just hate for the sake of it and have no actual products from Alienware. - ALIENWARE FORUM COMMUNITY

Also if you wanna check how the ALIENWARE X51 Preforms then pop over to my youtube channel

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