eBay built PC

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I'm thinking of offering $550 for this. I have a very cursory knowledge of PC hardware and I'd like to be able to play stuff like BF3 at medium to high settings. It seems to me this machine could do that but I'd love advice from more experienced fellows.


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I once bought a pre-configured Ebay-built PC. Lasted me a good two-three of years as a budget machine.

But the first thing I did after poking inside, was to upgrade the shitty power supply that they had installed - a cheap and nasty $35 650W (yeah..right) power supply. If I hadn't, I doubt the machine would have lasted that long.

Also, make sure you enquire about warranty, and stuff like that. A lot of Ebayer's won't accept returns of any kind - particularly concerning 'Used' items.

Personally, I'd just rather build one myself now, if I were on a budget.

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It gottsa be good, its got six exclamation marks!!!!!!

I think you are better off building one yourself. Its easy, fun and makes you feel really smart.

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I would love to build my own PC but I know barely anything about it and I'm going to be very busy for the next year or so. I figured that this cpu is powerful enough that I could use the machine to learn more by upgrading things one by one starting with the video card.

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Build your own PC.

Simple enough.

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It's not a deal if that is what you are asking, it's some guy's 2 year old gaming PC and he's asking more than what those parts would cost new...

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I made the foolish mistake of buying an ebay comp. It was made buy a company or sorts, however I realized the specs were shit for the price I paid and it broke within 6 months.

Over all its a bad idea to buy Pre built machines and more so second hand prebuilts unless its from a friend.

Find a website that builds comps or build it yourself youll save a packet and get a decent to great rig for that price.

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I was in the same boat man, then decided to build it. Was way easier than I thought. Just watch some youtube vids, most of the parts only go one way so you really can't mess up. Just ground yourself and order the parts one by one it's basically expensive legos.

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