G-SYNC HDR Monitor Running Games at 1080

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So these monitors look pretty awesome. I would like to buy one when they come out but I do have one question.

If I run games at 1080 on a 4k monitor (I dont have the hardware to push 4K), will they look bad because of the fact that they are not running at the native resolution?

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I doubt it would make a significant difference. I'm assuming it would look just as good as any 1080p monitor, if not slightly better due to the HDR capabilities (which would also have to be software-supported). That said, I'm guessing that both of these models are going to be super expensive (easily between $1,000 - $2,000), so I'm not sure it's worth the expense if you don't have a behemoth of a machine.

Edit: I actually missed that they included the price for the lower-end model: $1,199. That's a chunk for a monitor.

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Normally, yes, playing games on anything but the native resolution looks bad on monitors. But, in the case of displaying 1080 on a 4k panel, this isnt an issue. This is because the number of drawn vs physical pixels is exactly 1/4, so the panel doesnt have to perform any scaling wizardry - it can just use a square of 4 physical pixels to display 1 logical 1080p pixel.

So, no quality loss in playing at 1080p. 1440p will not be perfect, though.

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I use a 4k tv as a monitor so maybe it's different, but anything above 1080p looks great while 1080p looks a bit blurry. Might be my tv's native scaling though, 1440p looks amazing though.

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If you can afford one of tyhem, you can afford to not really need to worry about it. I Gota killer deal on an open box 4K TV at Best Buy this holiday season and have had my PC connected ever since. I'm amazed at how well a 980ti runs games at native 4K.

That said, 1080p looks good on the TV when I've had to run the odd game at that resolution for rock solid 60. I'd say it looks slightly better than it would on a native 1080p monitor because the subpixels aren't creating a percievable pattern to any real extent the way they do on a 1080p panel.

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I could be totally wrong here, but I'm wondering if HDR will work on anything that's not the native resolution.

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@keirgo said:

I could be totally wrong here, but I'm wondering if HDR will work on anything that's not the native resolution.

Yes. PS4 support HDR on 4k TVs right?

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@opusofthemagnum: What? Just because you "can afford" something doesnt mean you wanna throw $1000+ down the drain for something that looks worse. Im specificly avoiding new 4k TVs and monitors because i dont think the tech is there yet, both in graphical hardware and in the TVs themself.

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