Games That Have Bot Support (PC)

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From the frustrations that have come from DICE/EA with the COMPLETE lack of modding support or bot/lan support for Battlefield 3, it led me to think just how many games out there actually have bot support anymore, so I'm looking for anyone who knows of games that do have a bot or skirmish mode and if they could list them I'll list a couple of the main ones that have always had that in their games but I'm more then sure that I will actually miss some out so if anyone can help me with this that would be awesome!!

Unreal Tournament 99

Unreal Tournament 2003/2004

Unreal Tournament 3

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2142

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (only on the console versions with Onslaught mode)

Quake 3 Arena

Command & Conquer (skirmish against bot AI)

Supreme Command 1 & 2 (skirmish against bot AI)

Anno series (play freely against AI)

Counter Strike Source

Doom 3 (very limited bot AI from a mod)

Nexus: The Jupitor Incident (skirmish mode with AI)

Sins Of A Solar Empire (free play against AI)

Starcraft 1 & 2 (against AI)

World In Conflict (skirmish mode against bot AI)

COD (think 1 or two of them have bot AI enabled)

Worms Series (yep even this tiny game from the 90s had bot support for the gametypes)

Warhammer Dawn Of War series (skirmish mod against AI)

Section 8 Prejudice (with a tweaked file you can have 64 players on a map

Imperium Galactica II (free game mode against AI and Skirmish Mode)

Aliens Vs Predator 99 (Skirmish mode against infinite Alien hordes) this was amazingly fun on Lan play

Age Of Empires Series (skirmish against AI)

I Listed bad company 2 because I just wanted to show that it WAS possible to add bot support in the frostbite engine when the onslaught mode was cancelled for PC at the same time as Battlefield 1943 was...DICE had previously commented that it was simply not possible to add bot support for the frostbite engine because of the destruction engine built inside it, they could not code the bots to properly use dynamic ways to enter buildings that had holes through the walls... So that statement was a bit false..

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League of Legends, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2 and Half Life Deathmatch have Bot Support I believe.

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Red Orchestra 2 has bots in multiplayer.

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You know, there's a great wiki for this sort of thing at a website called

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Ahh yes forgot Red Orc did....

Jedi Knight 3 Jedi Outcast (MP bot support)

Thanks for the list Villainy, a lot of those games aren't for the PC though...big list though thanks :D and I know, im not a complete idiot, i couldn't find what i wanted obviously....

Edit: That list of games GB has, half of them are sports games, i wouldn't really call those types of games having MP bot support, or fighting games...

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Left 4 Dead 2 can be played with Bots, although not the Versus mode.

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I don't know why anyone was dumb enough to buy Battlefield 3.

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@Rohok said:

I don't know why anyone was dumb enough to buy Battlefield 3.

I bought it because it's a really good game. Fuck me, right?

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ahh yes L4D, didn't know that could be played with bots.. just thought of another as well, killing floor, that can also....

Someone else bought me BF3 so i didn't actually spend any money on it, but i would have still bought it the other day when it was the 10th anniversery for $10, well worth it but already had it lol... BF3 does have a great singleplayer campaign, just EXTREMELY short... for a game thats supposed to be the best and most completely battlefield yet, its missing a lot of stuff like lan support, mod support, bots support, battlerecorder ect... I still have a lot of fun playing the MP, just dont always like to do that, and hard to get some good fraps going with my internet connection...

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@Rohok said:

I don't know why anyone was dumb enough to buy Battlefield 3.

I bought it because it's a really good game. Fuck me, right?

How dare you enjoy the games you enjoy without first consulting the infallible Rohok. Begone, peasant, for thou art a plague upon this website.

I have only played a bit of BF3 but it seems to be a solid FPS so I don't see any reason for elitism. People play what they want to fucking play and no amount of snark will change that.
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my top bot games offline & online page 1: cod bo 1 & 2, act of war, world in conflict, worms series, total war games, ruse, star wars battlefront 1 & 2, star wars empire at war, killzone 1 & 2, dawn of war 1 & 2, supreme commander 1 & 2, rise of nations + rise of nations thrones & patriots, command & conquer games & time splitters.

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Its a real shame that DICE don't see the vision of what BOTS can bring to a game like Battlefield anymore like they used to do before the game flipped to consoles. I think every shooter/strategy game should have some sort of AI/BOT option :D

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If you're going to list RTS games it's going to be basically all of them. It's far more rare for them not to have a bot skirmish mode.

Edit: Oh wait, this is a weird necro thread. I didn't notice.

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