GeForce Experience 1.0 (Beta)

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So nvidia have started a new beta test, this looks really cool for PC games so what does it do. ? well it will configure your settings for best fps and graphic quality for your PC rig

plus it will automatically update your drivers, how cool as that. here is a link to webpage will need to subscribe only taking 10000 testers to start with

is there any one here that is part of this be good to know how well it works and any more info .


Here is a good link for tweaktown explaining it better than me...

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Sounds neat if it actually works.

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Sounds awful. Is that really all it does? It doesn't even boost your performance?

All games auto-configure for the best settings, usually I find it's much better to do it manually. Nvidia control panel already allows you to disable features like AA under "Manage 3D Settings". Ugh, auto-updating is terrible. It's first thing I turn off on any software, if I can. Sucks up bandwidth and processing power right under your nose, and all for what? So it can download an update that may come out once or twice a year?

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I tried it for Battlefield 3. It set a couple things to ultra, changed the FOV from 75 to 90, then set all the effects to low and turned off ambient lighting. I had a 60+ frame rate but the game looked like a shadow of its former self. It just wasn't worth the visual downgrade so I bumped the settings back to high/very high where I get around 30 FPS. The GeForce Experience is a neat concept, but there are still some kinks Nvidia needs to fix.

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that does not sound good! hopefully they can improve with time, it has just started after all

Ive thought something like this would be something cool to have so i don't have to bother tweaking settings hopeing to get the right balance.

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@deathstriker666: i find the ingame auto-configure to be way off a lot of the time, where my graphic setting will either be too high or too low.

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This sounds really cool for the people who are just getting into PC gaming and don't want to take the time to tweak settings and/or have no idea what all the options in their video settings mean. I'm not huge on tweaking and don't like to spend a bunch of time doing it (I never downsample or use AA injectors; most I'll do is force AA and/or Vsync through the drivers), but I know what settings to change to get the most out of my PC (I'm a turn down settings till I get a fairly solid 60 fps guy). If they manage to work out the kinks and get it working extremely well then I might even give it a try.

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