Good lightweight antivirus?

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Most antivirus software is only useful for detecting slightly older stuff. If there's something brand new out there, you're kind of SOL. I recently dealt with a friend who got infected by one of those file encryption bugs. He had the most recent update from eset and it didn't do anything. If you're that worried about it, have a computer with a lot of personal stuff separate from your gaming computer. That way if your gaming computer gets infected, who cares.

Another option, go Linux!

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I use F-Secure Safe and Freedome on my PC, laptop and phone. Freedome is a decent VPN solution and Safe has protected me on multiple occasions, especially when connecting to WiFi hotspots abroad.

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I get by okay with just Windows defender and Malwarebytes.

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I use McAfee Anti Virus. Came free with ISP subscription, why not try it for a while. It IS a resource hog, so I wouldn't recommend it for a lightweight scanner. From cursory examination the services related to the suite eats up around 250MB memory. Used Eset NOD for a while and it wasn't great either on memory footprint as well, taking up around 230MB memory. Other than that, they are okay.

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Avira is a good choice

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I use McAfee, I know there are other options out there but I am quite honestly too lazy to change it. It seems to work just fine. I also use a VPN on and off, I had Vypr but cancelled as I had a few problems with it. Freedome is a new one on me, I've found some reviews but no clue which is really best. Any advice is appreciated.

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I landed on ESET Smart Security, which I pay for and love. It's unintrusive and as said earlier in this thread, has an automatic game mode.
They have a free trial you can use before pulling the trigger on a license.

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I will recomended Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast,light antivirus system and doesn't load the system

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