Good Sim-ish racing games for the PC

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#1 Posted by frenchy789 (15 posts) -

I really enjoy Sim/Arcade games like Forza and Gran Turismo (though I haven't player the latter since GT3). However, I rarely plug in my 360 and scratched my Forza 3 disc a while back.

On the PC I've played and enjoyed Dirt 1 + 2 though they aren't what I'm looking for cuz they're too arcady.

I played the hell out of NFS Shift 2 and really enjoyed it but I've gotten bored of it and the car selection is meh. Basically in a racing title (playing with a 360 controller, having a wheel sounds so fucking rad but it's just not possible) I'd like the following:

Wide selection of tracks and cars.

Simish in the way that Shift 2 or Forza are. Like with all the traction control and ABS on it's too arcady but when played on hard it has that satisfying learning curve of getting the feel for a car and nailing corners.

Graphics aren't really a priority but handling physics and cockpit view are plus's.

Forza and GT both being console exclusives is quite the bummer though i've heard Forza 5 may be coming to PC.

iRacing or whatever seems interesting but a little intimidating. What do y'all recommend? Or should I just pick up Forza for the 360?

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#2 Posted by Sanity (2149 posts) -

Grid Autosport comes out this month, might be worth looking at when it comes out. Though theirs really no game like Forza and GT on pc in terms of number of cars.

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#3 Posted by shivermetimbers (1334 posts) -

Euro Truck Simulator 2...though not a racing game, it's something that involves driving and is sim-ish.

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#4 Posted by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

Project cars is hitting this year check that shot out

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#5 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

Alt+F1 got me into F1: 2013 something fierce. That's a cool damn sport to race in. I live for those long races.

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#6 Posted by Sin4profit (3411 posts) -

I've been playing a lot of Race 07 by SimBin here lately as i test my racing wheel setup. You can get the whole bundle that comes with all the tracks and cars they have to offer for $39.99 right now. Eventually i'll be moving up to iRacing, though.

Couldn't really tell you how racing with a controller would work out, i don't know if the game's tuned for controllers since sim racing requires a good deal of precision that controllers don't really provide. I own the first Grid game but haven't played it, heard good things and know, at least, that it's tuned for controllers.

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