GTX 780ti now or wait for 800 series later?

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Hello everyone,

I think the time has finally come to replace my 560ti, its been good these past 3+ years, but its starting to show its age for the level of graphics settings I like to play at (as high as possible @ 1080p & 60 fps.)

So here I am, the title of the topic pretty much says it all. I have the budget for a top of the line card, I'm not in a hurry but I also don't want to wait possibly another year, and I don't buy new cards very often so I would like one to last for quite a while.

What do you all say, take the plunge now on a 780ti or wait for an 880 with the new architecture?

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Well, I'm personally waiting for the 800 series, it might be a while, but I'm not in a huge rush.

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R9 290 :)

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Based on what you've said, you may be best just going for the 780Ti now, if you're not wanting to wait too long. Looks like there might be a significant delay on the next range of cards.

I'd say if you're happy to spend the money now, go for it. 780's are still great cards, and will remain so for a good while.

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I'm waiting for the 800 series, but only because I waited to this year to upgrade to em and then they got delayed. That combined with Broadwell still not being out yet.

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To be honest, the 880s are only going to be about 10% faster than the 780ti's anyway as it doesn't look like the once rumored ARM processor that was going to be onboard with the new 880s is un-true. As TechPickle already stated looks like to be a huge delay anyway for the 880s which is why we have still heard jack shit about em from Nvidia. I think waiting untill after E3 might be wise, as Nvidia is going to be at the show, whether or not they'll have anything to announce thats hardware related is another question though, most likely to do with upcoming games and more stuff on the Nvidia Shield. Rather hit or miss really.

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Honestly if I was in the market for a GPU right now, I'd be going with a used R9 290x. Basically, it's a $500 part which is currently being dumped off in the post coin-mining craze for around $300 on a site like Ebay. Otherwise, I'd try to hold out until a new batch of PC games which is bolstered in requirements as games start to take advantage of current-gen console hardware.

I do prefer an Nvidia card for the software support, but when it comes to throwing raw horsepower at something, you can't go wrong with the price/performance of a competitive market.

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Yeah, I read about the rumor of the delay into 2015 on the 800 series, I was hoping it was just that, a rumor, wishful thinking maybe, but it is the reason I am contemplating on getting a 780ti, soon-ish. I have looked at the 290x from AMD, great price but I didn't have a great experience when I tried an ATI/AMD card in the past, mind you that was a 4890 many years ago. I have just preferred Nvidia since then, though.

Thanks for all the responses everyone, and like I said earlier, I'm in no rush, so I think I will take VACkillers advice, wait to see what happens at E3.


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Wait for the 800 series, major power savings, if you care about that.

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Hello again, well I took the plunge and went in on a 780ti during one of the recent sales. Pricey, but its been worth it so far. Now I'm able to max out my games, like AC4, Far Cry 3, Metro Last Light, Skyrim with tons of high res texture packs, plus flora overhaul, plus ENB, everything at max settings, smooth framerate all around, pretty much tripled my performance over my old 560ti.

Some quick benchmarks, for anyone interested:

Unigine Heaven 4.0, extreme setting @ 1080p


Unigine Valley 1.0, extreme setting @ 1080p


Cheers! :)

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I would personally wait for some benchmarks on the 800 series before deciding.

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@staticmigrant: Well he did decide so...

There's also like 6 months till the first actual specs on the 800 series come out.

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#13 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) - dropped all the way down to 28.2 on Unigine Heaven extreme? TIME FOR AN UPGRADE.

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Never mind....

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