Headphones+Amps+Hotline Miami OST+Turning up the bass

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Dude this is incredible. My headphones are wiggling around on my head. Awesome. Such a great soundtrack, and my ears get a nice massage at the same time.

Seriously, everyone should own an amp and a decent pair of cans. Damn.

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Good to know.

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That sounds really bad for your hearing.

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It was good to know that you had ears. I'm not sure this is the case anymore.

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Or a really nice subwoofer, and I guess speakers.

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@MordeaniisChaos: Headphones + Amp details?

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@yoshimitz707 said:

That sounds really bad for your hearing.

Nahhh, it's fine! I can hear fine! I'm fine!

@WEB_War4 said:

Or a really nice subwoofer, and I guess speakers.

It's not the same. It never will be. I love a nice set of speakers with a proper sub. Again, I've had access to very nice sound systems. But the sound you get from headphones is going to be different. Not better, just different. It's a different experience.

@RenegadeDoppelganger said:

@MordeaniisChaos: Headphones + Amp details?

Nothing worth really mentioning. The Amp is build into my motherboard's built in sound (based off of Creative's 3D Recon Sound Blaster or something) and the headphones a cheap pair of Plantronics. Not great, but they sound decent even at those volumes.

I'll be picking up a pair of Beyerdynamic's once I get my employment situation back on the ground though, super pumped for that.

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Beyer's are great though depending on what model you'll likely need a dedicated amp. Grado's sr60i and 125i are also great if you like something more minimal and even sounding, also wouldn't require amping. Currently rocking an older 120ohm version of the Senn HD555s. I've put these things through some absolutely terrible abuse over the 7 or so years I've owned them, still sound as good as the day I bought them. I got some replacement foam for the earcups earlier this year so now they feel as good as new too.

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I use BeyerDynamic DT 990 Pro (the 250 ohm version) headphones in conjunction with a Fiio E09k amp - it's a perfect setup, I love my BeyerDynamics: Absolutely fantastic, I can only recommend them!

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